French Montana Speaks on Issues with 50 Cent: What Beef!

French Montana 50 Cent

French Montana tosses out expired 50 Cent beef. Fifty offers a candid counter. “What beef; I don’t remember!” They Got Amnesia is out now.

Drama often attempts to devour greatness. Amongst his Hip-Hop peers, French Montana, is distinguished. Recently, he dropped his fourth studio album, They Got Amnesia. To the surprise of many, he openly dishes on his stagnated beef with, 50 Cent.

A sober “Shot Caller,” takes aim at the once lingering issues with 50. A quick trip to N.O.R.E and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs grants this reprieve. N.O.R.E. matter-of-factly manages, “At one point, you and 50 were cool. What the f### happened?”

To which, Frenchie responds, “Man, let me tell you something. Me, I have no problem with 50 no more — after –he dropped this BMF joint. That’s my favorite s###!” a strategic segue. The stammering continues. The They Got Amnesia rapper adds, “What me and 50 ever had — shout out to 50. Yeah, everything is over, after BMF. That’s his best work ever.”

Soon, Captain Controversy chimes in. Following two, dry-clapping hands emojis, 50 Cent quips, “That was the right answer French, well handled. What beef, I don’t remember.”

“I mean, you know, we’re from New York, bro. When you come outside you’re going to snap on a n####. One day, you’re going to snap on each other, and this and that. It was nothing like physical. It wasn’t nothing like we got beef over, nobody got shot. Nothing like that. “

Shout out to 50, man. I actually love his music. I want him to drop another album. – French Montana