Jeezy Talks $2 Subway Habit—And Twitter Questions It All


Grind now; eat well later.

There’s nothing like traveling down memory lane. What happens when the lanes converge because the memories become a bit hazy? Jeezy recently talked about a $2 Subway habit, and this tidbit of information has Twitter questioning it all. Let’s explore.

Of course, The Snowman is highly respected in Hip-Hop. Some of his incredible contributions have definitely helped to strengthen the genre. Thus far, timelessness is his reward.

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In order to establish his artistic legacy, he had to put in the necessary work. As a matter-of-fact, the “Standing Ovation” orator details what it took to realize his Hip-Hop aspirations. Speaking with The Neighborhood Talk in a recent interview, he opened up about his career. He spoke on the early days and the sacrifices he made to save money.

“Every day, for almost two and a half, three years I walked to Subway and got a two dollar meal,” he said. “That’s the only money I spent, two dollars.” Next, Jeezy Hamilton listed what was included with this economical meal.

“I got a drink, a cookie, a bag of chips and a six-inch sub,” he continued. “Every day, for two years, I saved all my money until I was able to grind up and get what I was trying to do. That’s when I was able to take my game to the next level.”

Jeezy hasn’t exactly substantiated this claim. While there are no actual receipts, his word is his bond. However, social media users are either shockingly perplexed or in disbelief. Find some reactions below.