R. Kelly Associate Admits To Fire Bombing Ex-Sex Slave’s Car

R. Kelly

One of R. Kelly’s boys is heading to prison for a long time, after he admitted to setting Azriel Clary’s car on fire!

An associate of disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly has recently admitted to one count of arson, after setting ablaze Azriel Clary’s car.

Clary is R. Kelly’s former girlfriend, and witness in one of the artist’s many cases.

Michael Williams agreed to a plea deal in a Brooklyn federal court on Monday, April 19th, in effort to duck other charges related to “Mr. I Believe I Can Fly.”

The Feds were trying to hit him with a witness tampering charge, which would have landed him in jail for a really long time.

With this deal, he will at the max serve a little under six years (60 to 71 months).

His attorney Todd Spodek believed, “The plea agreement is fair in that the witness tampering charge as it relates to R. Kelly will be dismissed at sentencing.”

Evidence that they found is damning.

R. Kelly’s Ex Terrified After Targeted Firebombing

Court records show that only a couple of hours before the fire, Williams searched for the witness’ Florida address. Boom — well that’s how the “cookies” crumble (especially when you don’t erase them).

The car exploded after being set on fire, Clary’s complaint alleges. It also stated that she came out to come outside and to see “an individual fleeing from the scene whose arm appeared to be lit on fire.”

Local fire investigators discovered an accelerant near the property. In addition to his digital records, which showed that he also googled “How do fertilizer bombs work?,” “witness intimidation,” and “case law for tampering with a witness,” the defendant’s car was caught on the toll plaza cameras going to Florida from Georgia and coming back (right afterward).

Yeah … I am thinking the same dang on thing. #BigDummy.

Two other of Kelly’s peeps have also been locked up for trying to intimidate Clary, a key witness in the accused pedophile’s case, Donnell Russell and Richard Arline, Jr.

Records show that Arline has already pleaded guilty three months ago, February.It seems that Kelly, once a bright star, is a toxic bowl of wackness that has everyone next to him in trouble.

He has a ton of cases coming up. He is waiting to go to trial in Brooklyn and Chicago. The laundry list of charges is as follows: sex trafficking, racketeering, coercion, child pornography, and destroying evidence.