Sexyy Red Pops Off At BET Awards: Don’t Ever Disrespect A Queen

Sexyy Red

Big stinky!

Sexyy Red had a lot to say during the 2023 BET Awards after smelling something foul. A viral video captured the offensive encounter, which evidently involved an audible fart.

The St. Louis spitter couldn’t wait to call out the foul party and soon shared her thoughts in a video posted to her Instagram account. The caption read, “If I knew who did it … we woulda had to rumble cause babyyyyyyyy.” The humorous quote summed up her playful point-of-view.

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The emerging rapper gave all the deets. Of course, she ripped into the lady saying, “So, I’m p##### off right now. Some stanky booty-ass b###h just walked past me and farted!”

The colorful commentary continued: “And, it smell like ass. You nasty as f##k, b###h. Don’t ever disrespect a queen by going to walk past me and fart. B##h, f##k you!”

Sexyy Red is celebrated for her candidness. Whether she’s at the studio or at an awards show, she’ll find a way to leave an impression.