182 Water & Dre Drinkard – “Lodi Dodi” Video

182 Water and Dre Drinkard just dropped their latest cover of “Lodi Dodi”.

(AllHipHop Music) The duo first met while playing music together in, of all genres, a bluegrass band. 

After a late night of freestyling and live-streaming, they decided to collaborate and infuse their unique twist to the classic Snoop Dogg track.

“We’ve always sang this song when we’re out on the road, so we wanted to make a version that we could dance to at home”, explains Dre. 

“We had this song memorized since I was 12, and we want our tribute to be more upbeat and summery in nature”.

Meant as a “homage” to black culture, Dre and 182 Water wants to help fight systemic racism through their latest effort.

“All of our royalties are automatically donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to help fight systemic racism.”

The duo are relatively new to the scene, but they have been making waves in the crowded music space.

182 Water’s sound has been compared to Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and Shaggy, while the Los Angeles-based Dre just recently worked with American Idol alum Jonny West on his debut single “The End”.

If their future releases mirror their newest release, it’s a sign of great things to come.

Check out the video for “Lodi Dodi” below.