Best 20 Songs to Add to Your Vape Music Playlist

Everything’s better with music, especially vaping! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hip-hop beats that blend beautifully with your clouds, some vape music, if you will! Many of these songs have ranked in the Top 100 chart, and are fantastic go-to choices, whether you’re at a vape party or rocking the clouds […]

Everything’s better with music, especially vaping! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hip-hop beats that blend beautifully with your clouds, some vape music, if you will! Many of these songs have ranked in the Top 100 chart, and are fantastic go-to choices, whether you’re at a vape party or rocking the clouds by yourself. 

Check out our recommendations, let us know your thoughts, and feel free to comment below and add your favorites to this list! 

Vaping + Music

Certain songs go better with clouds, to the point of making us want to blow clouds to the beat! Many of these hip hop artists seem to feel the same, as you can see clouds of smoke and vapor throughout their music videos. 

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this list of songs to vape with, and remember if you ever need to stock up on e-juice to fuel your clouds, check out our huge selection of delicious flavors at the Dollar E-Juice Club where you can buy the best vape juice online.


Best Vape Music Tracks

Get in the zone the next time you vape with these recommended tracks and music videos.

44 Bulldog – Pop Smoke

This iconic song is one of Pop Smoke’s best hits, thanks to the low piano notes, rhythmic beat and the rapper’s distinct deep voice. Pull your hat low and bare your grills with this intense song that’s perfect for dark room vaping. 

Pills & Automobiles – Chris Brown, Yo Gotti, A Boogie With Da Hoodie, Kodak Black

You know how when you exhale through your nose and you feel your nostrils get wet from the vapor? Now you’ll remember the main word from this song and get your clouds hyped with this classic summer beat! 

Writing on the Wall – French Montana, Post Malone, Cardi B, Rvssian 

Ride off into the sunset with your clouds by your side! This original beat from French Montana features some of your favorite hip hop artists with huge chunks of their own lyrics. The video itself features motorcycles, speeding cars, and godzilla-sized humans making the world their playground. The hypnotic beat and relaxed lyrics are perfect for chills sessions throughout your weekends. 

Whoopty – CJ

CJ is a new hip hop artist that took the world by storm with this hit single. The deep bass, tonal background singer, and fast-spitting lyrics create the perfect heaven for your clouds to live in. 

Sold Out Dates – Gunna, Lil Baby

This song presents swaying guitar music, light percussion, and Lil Baby’s smooth lyrics in a hit single. The lyrics alternate between light rap and crooning singing, and transitions between being sad and calming. More of a melancholy selection, this song goes really well with a glass of bourbon topped off with your vapor. 

Swervin – A Boogie With Da Hoodie, 6ix 9ine

This song is a popular choice for those who like driving and vaping. The chill lyrics and mid-tempo beat evoke imagery of racing down a highway, yet totally in control. The original audio is more relaxed and calm, while the version with 6ix9ine brings a spike in adrenaline that is even more stimulating during a heavy vape session. 

Turks – NAV, Gunna, Travis Scott

This beat starts off aggressively and the fast-pace lyrics instantly raises your heart rate to a militant pace. The electric background music blends smoothly with the lyrics to create a song you’ll want to continually repeat. The Vevo video has over 15 million views and will make your vape sessions all the more enjoyable as you spew clouds to the rumbling beat. 

Dennis Rodman – A$AP Ferg & Tyga

A nod to the famous basketball player, this deep beat and rolling lyrics are soothing and arousing at the same time, perfect for thick clouds of vapor in a low-lit room. The “Rack City” artist focuses more on singing while A$AP Ferg spits heavy-hitting raps, as both artists change into eyebrow-raising basketball costume changes throughout the video. 

Reverse – Vic Mensa, G Eazy

Another fantastic song for vaping and automobile enthusiasts, this percussion and electronic piano beat will have you shuffling your shoulders and hips through your vape clouds. Vic Mensa shows his rap skills by alternating between menacing and hypnotic rhythms, leaving G-Eazy to bring the heat with is white-boy rapper persona. Truly a song no vaper should ever be without. 

Ice Cream Man – Tyga

This slow sex-crazed beat will have you craving ice cream-flavored clouds. The fresh beat paired with Tyga’s unmistakable voice makes the perfect jam to blow clouds to. Whether you like vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate vape juice, don’t be caught without these creamy lyrics. 

No Limit, G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, & Belly


There’s no limit to your clouds as long as you’ve got this song on repeat! The beat drops instantly to make your head start bobbing and your hips follow suit!  G-Eazy performs beautifully in this song, delivering his classic rap style between handing the mic to the wildly talented Cardi B, the rugged voiced French Montana, and several other famous rappers throughout the song. The video has half a billion views, proving just how popular this song is. Add your favorite vape juice to your tank and lose yourself to the deep rhythms that fluctuate throughout this song. 

Freaky Friday – Lil Dicky, Chris Brown

If you remember the Lindsey Lohan movie, you’ll fully understand the point behind this song. The music video is one of the few that actually follow the storyline, featuring cameos from Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner. The beat is light, uplifting, playful, and perfect for vaping. Laugh through the clouds as you blast this song at full volume, followed by your billowing clouds. 

No Hands – Waka Flocka Flame, Roscoe Dash, Wale

Time for an oldie-but-goodie! Especially for vapers who have inhale-powered vape (no hands required!), this beat will have you bumping to the beat as you party in the clouds. Bring your clouds back to 2010 with this pumping beat and swaying lyrics. 

Powerglide – Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi

Here’s a song that instantly makes you want to go drifting in the clouds! Rae Sremmurd croons his tunes in his melodic high voice, complete  balanced by the other artists in the song. Clouds are created by both drifting and smoking, recreating a Fast & Furious vibe throughout the video. 

Trollz – 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj

Nicki joins forces with Tekashi once again in this smooth and bumping beat, complete with the artists’ crazy outfits and unmistakable voice. 6ix9ine is unmistakably a troll in this video, particularly since the infamous snitching which led to his release, perfectly fitting with the song title. You’ll start craving candy-flavored vape juice after watching all the sweets that appear in this video, especially lollipops, cotton candy, and fruit roll ups. 

Shake The Room – Pop Smoke, Quavo

Make your clouds shake the room as you vape to the deep bass drums, haunting background singers, and heavy voice of Pop Smoke. Quavo is also featured in this song, adding his signature touches to the song. At one point, Quavo is even spewing clouds from his mouth in a limo, adding to the vapeability of this song. 

Godzilla – Eminem, Juice WRLD

Eminem comes out swinging with his lyrical prowess from the very first line of this song. His rapping speed increases throughout the song, showcasing what a true master of his craft he is. Juice WRLD comes in with his relaxed vocals, meshing the world of rap and singing in a fantastic video with over 300M views. Crank out heavy clouds to the heavy beat of this impressive song, brought to you by the late Juice WRLD and Rap God himself. 

Up – Cardi B

There’s only one direction your clouds travel, and Cardi B drives that point home with her provocative outfits and lyrics. 2020 dealt us a rough year amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, and this song promotes the idea of moving onward after terrible events. This playful sexy beat will have you shimmying your shoulders through the clouds as you blow your clouds to the sky! 

Invincible – Pop Smoke

You’ll feel invincible with this song begins to play, infusing a sense of power into your clouds. Whether you’re cruising around with your vape in your hand, or rocking out at a party, make sure this song stays on repeat! The late Pop Smoke knew how to drop beats, and his deep bass voice delivers heavy lyrics that you’ll find irresistible to blow clouds to. 

Greece – DJ Khaled, Drake

This relaxing swaying beat is perfect for late night vaping, featuring the one and only Drake! DJ Khaled drops his signature “We da best music!” in the first few seconds, followed by Drake’s warm and soothing voice. The song evokes imagery of flying above the clouds, free as a bird and light as a feather. Enjoy your vape sessions as you sway to the beat of this relaxing hip-hop favorite.