Critical Life Lessons from My Success Journey: Evan R Salinas

“As a creative artist, I learned one of the most important life lessons early – the more you learn, the better you get,” saysEvan.

Most of us pick up life lessons as we go through life in our own unique ways. Some achieve a lot more in life than the average human being and have a lot more to share with the world. 

Evan R Salinas is one such person. He balances several roles in his life: a musician, a tattoo artist, a painter, a martial art enthusiast, and an investor. This means that he has gathered many more life lessons along the way. Here, Evan shares 4 such critical lessons he picked on his way to success. 

Witness people’s lives as people are at the core of every life experience

“This may seem like a paradox, but to be different, I have picked up a lot from other people’s lives,” says Evan R Salinas. “When I pay attention to people’s lives, there is so much I learn. I then put these learnings to work in my own life and make it as enriching and unique as I can.” 

This is true in so many ways. Each of us has a life that’s unlike any other, and each of us has experiences that have unique teachings. When we begin to witness people’s lives, we gain free access to their learnings too.  

Always be open to learning, you will then learn valuable lessons all the time

Honing multiple creative talents and exploring every creative realm as profoundly as he can, Evan has shown us that we can live lives with myriad colors too. 

Often, we hear people say that they are too old to do this or too mature to try that. What if we did the opposite in our lives? What if we always jumped into a learning experience without overthinking? 

“As a creative artist, I learned one of the most important life lessons early – the more you learn, the better you get,” saysEvan. Life never stops teaching you new things. It is only the ignorant among us who stop paying attention to these lessons and stop learning.” 

We grow around our experiences, so experience as much as you can

The more experiences we have, the more we gather in life. This holds true for all of us. When you shut out the world and its people, you have fewer experiences, fewer learnings, and fewer stories to seek inspiration from. On the other hand, when you embrace everything that comes your way, you live a more wholesome life. 

“Every experience I have had has contributed toward molding me into the person I am today,” says Evan. “Without opening the doors of my life to as many experiences as possible, I wouldn’t have found half the success I now possess.” 

Put these life lessons to work and live a fulfilling and successful life

We all learn lessons in life that come from our experiences, both good and bad, and sharing these life lessons with others helps them avoid the mistakes we made or embrace the things we did right. In sharing these 3 critical life lessons from his experience, Evan R Salinas has revealed valuable insights that will help us in our journeys toward success.