David Revuelta: Are You That Kid from Tik Tok?

Tik Tok has been a global success across every region that uses it. For example, up-and-coming Spanish musician David Revuelta has used it to catapult himself to overnight success.

To steal a phrase from the app, 20-year-old David Revuelta has become ‘That Kid from Tik Tok’ by racking up thousands of followers in a few short months. His sleek physique and messy hair might lure fans in, but they stay for the music.David Revuelta isn’t just a Tik Tok star. This budding Spanish social media influencer has smashed expectations across every outlet for social accounts. On Instagram, he has amassed thousands of followers. On Facebook, it is a similar story. Revuelta seems to be doing exceptionally well without even getting to the music yet.

Who is David Revuelta?

Aside from being that kid from Tik Tok, David has been creating music in his bedroom since he was young. Now, aged only 20, he has started releasing those tunes to the world. You can find many of his lyrical masterpieces over on Spotify, where he has 12k+ monthly listeners and growing. His sounds are fresh, unique, and don’t contain a single thing that you would expect to find in a Madrid-based musician. Modern music is all about the beat, bass, and technology.

Gone are the old days of the Spanish classical guitar. Do not listen to David Revuelta if you expect sultry strings and unaccompanied solos, the likes of which you can picture playing in a dusty desert. Instead, this is upbeat, fun, and comes with a severe air attached. This is a young man who is going places. Where those places may be, remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can follow his progress on Tik Tok.

The Life of a Music Influencer

We all know that social media influencers spend a lot of their day being photographed, but when your sphere of influence contains music, you are also expected to be knowledgeable in this area. David Revuelta starts his days early to respond to all the messages, likes, follows, and comments that have appeared overnight. Once he has caught up on these, he can get to the real meat of the day – making music.

David spends around two hours or more every day planning out new tracks. This allows him to stay fresh with his lyrics and tunes while letting him practice his craft daily. David advises anyone who wants to become a success in their hobby to practice it every day. This way, you get incrementally better as time goes by. David works right on through into the evening when he stops to eat. This schedule may be hectic, but it allows him plenty of time off at night so that he can go out and sample Madrid’s lively music scene.

To be a true artist, you need to know what your competitors are doing. More from David RevueltaIf you enjoy his music, upbeat style, or Tik Tok account, you can catch up with all of his socials here.