Dough The Freshkid -“Keys”

Dough the Freshkid

Crenshaw’s Dough the Freshkid unloads a pristine and refined work of art…

Born and raised in Crenshaw, Dough the Freshkid unloads a pristine and refined work of art that blends opulent sonics and clairvoyant raps.

Rapper, visionary, and philanthropist Dough The Freshkid, also known as DTFK, releases his overly due album “K.E.Y.S” that is abbreviated as “Keep Evolving Your Self”.

With a weighty title and an even more demanding cover art that portrays him in a Tuxedo with just as elegant of a woman by his rib and a grand piano to the rear of him, the message is clear – a Black man can make it out of the difficult circumstances and overcome their travails to become a man of honor.

“As an independent artist, I’m trying to show growth through my business moves, attitude and music. The whole goal is to continue to grow and become better than you were yesterday,” he accentuated of the projects’ goal.
The music is upper echelon and the raps are frank, convicted, believable, and exquisitely first rate.

Admirably, Dough who is a pillar in the Crenshaw community through his annual give-aways proficiently reflects on his journey in the music tackling common themes that occur in the Crenshaw community, but from a vantage point of overcoming the hazards many of the youth encounter.

On “Throw Up”, he cuts across Gang Culture, on “Whip It”, he magnifies allure of selling drugs as a means to shorthand poverty, but in very fun and enjoyable fashion (we smell a TikTok from this song), on “Checc N”, he alludes to the territorial aspect of Hip Hop regionalism where outsiders are required to be validated before walking into certain areas, on “Rich Blacks” he speaks on the growth and unity the black race should practice rather than the division through gang-affiliation, and so on.

Usually, projects that delve into the socio-cultural facets of community end up being preachy and judgemental, but DTFK bypasses these notions and quashes the stereotypes breezing through what is one of the most heralded 2022 projects so far in regards to continuity, cohesion, quality, and performance.

“It’s actually 2 songs in particular, “Chandeliers” and the self title “Keys” song. But the entire album is Dope, probably my best project to date” when we asked him what his favorite records were.

The staunch supporter of self-improvement through financial wellness and business has also teased more to suffice from the visual side of the project.

“We really took our time with Keys so we don’t just want to end it here with just music. Hopefully, later in the year, I could bring the world a 7-part video movie series of Keys. We’ve already started production” he mentions of not downing the tools just yet.

Check out Keys below.