Giovanti Humphries Knows What it Takes to Build a Billion-Dollar Business

Giovanti believes that investing in people is the most important decision any business could ever make.

Giovanti Humphries is the chief financial officer of one of the largest privately-held cannabis business companies in the US. Through his effective business management and hard work as an entrepreneur, he made himself a certified billionaire through his multiple businesses. Giovanti is based in California, the largest market for cannabis worldwide, which made it easy for him to achieve such a feat.

In most states in the US, especially California, cannabis continues to make huge waves as a recreational and therapeutic medium. To raise awareness of cannabis’ benefits to the public, Giovanti built a brand that is accessible to the masses. Through his company, he looks to deliver one of the largest exports of cannabis to the rest of the world in the years to come.

Giovanti is optimistic about the future of cannabis and what it will do to the entire business landscape in California. He believes that once interstate commerce begins to open full-swing, American consumers will look for cannabis grown in California due to its world-class quality. Giovanti initially planned for a large-scale enterprise to top the supply chain but decided to build a brand first to drive growth.

With an impressive track record in business, Giovanti has helped countless companies build and scale their organizational management. Due to this rich experience, it was easy for him to leverage into building cannabis brands. Giovanti became famous for building and managing a billion-dollar business for a US banking company. He was able to use this experience and the fundamentals he learned to build a cannabis empire.

Giovanti’s life was not without struggles, as for a time, he was homeless and found it hard to keep himself fed. He remained strong despite these discouraging experiences by working hard to finish college and get into business school. Giovanti was fortunate to be gifted with intelligence as he finished his degree at business school as the youngest in his entire class.

After finishing his master’s degree in business administration at age 23, Giovanti went on to work at Wells Fargo and became its vice president. He also rendered his services to City National Bank as its vice president before working as the chief financial officer at Initial Coin Offerings. Giovanti has worked with numerous law firms navigating legislation on cryptocurrency before starting his own company.

Giovanti believes that investing in people is the most important decision any business could ever make. Just like Steve Jobs, he trusts his people to do their jobs efficiently instead of constantly telling them what to do. Giovanti maintains that a large company can only hold onto its success if it has the right people for the right job.

Now a certified billionaire, Giovanti’s hopes for the future are less about himself but more about the growth and development of the use of cannabis. People can check out his pages onInstagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok to learn more about his advocacy and work. Giovanti has many plans for his multiple businesses, which he plans on utilizing to provide service to others.