Jonathan Seller Shows How to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Business Empire

Jonathan invested most of his money in the stock market. From years spent learning how the stock market works, he made wise choices, and before long, they paid off.

After over a decade of being in full-time Christian ministry, Jonathan Seller took a leap of faith and switched careers. He went from being a pastor and worship leader to making YouTube videos for mattress companies.  Many thought he was just being silly but turns out he has had the last laugh.  Soon, he gained popularity as the “The Mattress Guy” on YouTube and started raking in 6 figures in affiliate commissions. His journey to becoming a fully-fledged tycoon had just begun.

Soon after, Jonathan started his digital marketing company SecondTri Media. The company grew fast and eventually became his primary source of income. As a result, he managed to resign from a staff role at the ministry to a volunteer one, leaving him time to focus on other investments and personal curiosities he otherwise wouldn’t be able to pursue. 

Jonathan invested most of his money in the stock market. From years spent learning how the stock market works, he made wise choices, and before long, they paid off. His money started making him money, which led to him becoming a multi-millionaire before 35. It also gave him ideas on how to carry out his mission of helping increase the happiness of the most amount of people.

More than anything, Jonathan wants to help people discover what God wants them to become. He also wants to give back to the community both here and afar. When he managed to create several passive income streams, he took it upon himself to teach others how to do the same. His company, Walmart Auto Pilots, was born from that desire. 

At Walmart Auto Pilots, Jonathan and his team helped clients create, grow, and manage e-commerce stores. He walked with them from the beginning until they gain a steady source of revenue themselves. Recently Walmart has made changes making it more difficult for third-party sellers so instead of abandoning his clients he has helped them transition to Facebook Marketplace.  Currently, Seller and his team are preparing to launch Facebook Auto Pilots in October 2021. 

Speaking about it, he says, “Facebook Marketplace is a new platform, and we couldn’t be more excited about the internal team we are training right now. We are excited to offer multiple tiers for our investors. From our beta testing, we think Facebook Marketplace is going to be an incredible opportunity to generate weekly cash flow with far less risk than selling on Amazon or Walmart.” 

Even though he is no longer a pastor, Jonathan still values integrity and honesty. He has made a name for himself as an upstanding entrepreneur who his clients highly esteem. He tries his best to focus on his current clients, not the ones he might gain in the future. He says being totally present and helpful to them will open more doors and bring in others.

Along the journey, Jonathan has learned several lessons. First, he points out that comparison steals joy. To really grow, he reminds himself that the world has unlimited opportunities. The only competition is yourself.  If he consistently does his best, he knows opportunities will never run out for him. That makes it easy for him to focus on his own growth without feeling threatened by his competitors.

Another lesson he has learned is that personal happiness is the most important thing. In his own life, he has realized that making more money doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness. In fact, more money comes with more stress. Things like managing clients and employees can be very stressful. To counter that, he encourages authenticity. Finding his unique strengths and not doing things the way others do has been very helpful to him.

At present, he is focused on helping as many people as he can. He has a goal to help 1,000 clients become financially free through his companies’ services all while employing underprivileged people in the Philippines. If people can fix the money problems, he believes they will have more freedom to explore what God created them for.