PREMIERE: Okito Delivers Raw & Unfiltered Breakup Banger “SenDatNegga”

Okito drops the new video for his song “SendDatNegga.” Take a look!

Okito is a man who wears his complications and contradictions on his sleeve. His debut album, Dystopian Heart, oscillates between soulful unrequited love songs and bleeding-edge raw, rock and roll rap.

Now, the Orlando, Florida-based MC and producer premieres his new single titled “SenDatNegga,” exclusively on AllHipHop.

The track indulges the more unhinged side of his personality, dealing a venomous blow to his ex with a gloriously self-aggrandizing anthem.

Okito states, “It’s the classic tale of your ex threatening to get their new ‘boo’ involved. Maybe you had a disagreement? Maybe they’re claiming their new man is better than you? Your response should be SENDATNEGGA! He’s nothing compared to me. I don’t care if he has more money, if he’s taller or has more muscles. No matter what, I win. I took all those emotions and wrote this song. Was there some anger involved? Sure. A little pettiness? Maybe. But the song is raw and unfiltered about how I felt in that moment.”

Combining raucous production with a wily musical flow seems to come naturally to the Florida MC who seems intent on pushing the genre into fresh waters.

“SenDatNegga” is sophisticated yet raw and emotional, signaling the arrival of a new artist flush with old school cool and new school swagger.