PREMIERE: Peter $un Takes Us On A Ride In “Wylin”

Peter $un

In his new music video, Peter $un is speaking for the overlooked part of Virginia!

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Peter $un takes us on a ride through his hometown in his latest music video for his new single “Wylin.” With this being his third single release of 2020, Peter explains that Southside Richmond is the city that made him, the inspiration behind everything on his forthcoming project set to debut next month.

Virginia is arguably at the forefront of music and innovation, producing some of the industry’s greats: Pharrell, The Clipse, Teddy Riley, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot.  In his new music video, Peter $un is speaking for the overlooked part of Virginia. He boasts that his entire creative team behind the new visual is proudly still cemented in Virginia where his roots run deep.

“Richmond isn’t first-of-mind for most folks when they think of Virginia,” explains Peter. “It was important to showcase the diversity and historic identity of the unspoken side of Virginia, which is my hometown in Richmond. From the new incoming million dollar constructs to across the city, you’ve got the Gilpin Projects, one the oldest projects in the country. Richmond was built on a lot of dark history, but it’s inspired me to create music that makes people smile.”

Peter $un’s music combines a feel-good fusion of rap, jazz, and electronica dripping with soulful psychedelic. The new tunes radiate an empowering, upbeat energy that forces you into the present moment. He aims to remedy the big changes we’re all experiencing in this current climate by appreciating the little things, taking it one day at a time.

A self-proclaimed “scumbaby”, Peter $un is all about spreading love and self-expression through his eclectic sound. Over the years, his music has evolved as much as he has. As a father and philanthropist, he’s truly a man of the people and is setting his sights on bringing his brand of hippie sunshine to the masses.

Peep the sneak peak of an unreleased record “Cranberry” off his new project at the end of the video.
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