RavoXi Is Expanding New Horizons in the EDM Scene

The Bangalore-based artist focuses heavily on melodies that encourage the listener to come back again and again and never forget.

Rajesh Kumar, or RavoXi as he is popularly known by his stage name, is the Indian-born producer expanding new horizons in the EDM scene. RavoXi is a talented artist who’s changing India’s perceptions of EDM, ushering them into the world of quality dance music. His music is always an earworm, and he lets it speak for itself, with its melodic, uplifting, and energetic vibes. 

The Bangalore-based artist focuses heavily on melodies that encourage the listener to come back again and again and never forget. In the world of forgotten songs and forgotten melodies, you’ll never forget RavoXi’s music when you listen to it. He has a heavy share of fans from Europe and the Americas, and they share positive feedback, sharing his craft’s impact with him. 

His first song, “Massive,” came out of this hustle and was at first only released on YouTube, where it garnered tens of thousands of views within days. It was such a success that labels approached RavoXi, finally releasing it on streaming platforms. He now considers its success to be everything he was looking for in a debut track as it exceeded his expectations, ushering in his journey to the mainstream.

RavoXi’s songs have since been featured on several radio stations across the globe, most notably on Europe’s largest web radio RauteMusik. Some of his tracks have also been featured on EDM Charts (one of the biggest networks with authority in the EDM genre), Paradise Networks, ESEA Trance, Bangalore Trance, Party India, and many more.

RavoXi believes that perseverance is the key, no matter if the odds are stacked against you. Even if you know nothing, just pursue your goal, and you’ll find ways to accomplish it. The answer lies in learning about what you don’t know and researching things effectively to progress you towards your goal. There’s so much noise out there when it comes to learning about music production—there is an abundance of information.

But there is a lack of ‘right information.’ Be mindful of what you are learning, and always first ask yourself why you are learning. Learn from the masters in the field and not just anybody. They have the sweet magic they have learned through decades of experience. Always look for credibility in the people you are learning from. 

An ambitious individual, RavoXi sees himself collaborating with other big artists who are doing great in the industry. This includes working with some of the artists that inspired him, such as Viz, Dubvision, StadiumX, Divinity, Yoel Lewis, Ilan Bluestone, and many others. With his music gaining a massive following in South America, RavoXi has already laid plans to tour the region. It’s a place close to his heart, and he is certain he’ll perform there in the coming years. He can’t wait to meet and interact with his fans there and give them a taste of his electric performances. 

In the long-term, RavoXi envisions owning his own record label and a network that inspires and creates a community of producers from India. He wants to help them represent India on the global stage and be appreciated worldwide.