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“How To Be Single” Gives Good Valentine

Going into this Valentine’s Day holiday weekend, “How To Be Single” does something that is refreshingly different from your typical Valentine’s Day Chick Flick movie fare. Rather than staying inside it’s box via delivering come cute laughs and an obligatory good cry scene about the difficulty of being alone, “How To Be Single” actually investigates […]

"How To Be Single" Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson, courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

THE 33 Delivers Visceral Action With Heart

A complex portrait of both the frailty and the tenacity of the human spirit, Warner Bros. motion picture release THE 33, starring Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips, Juliette Binoche and Gabriel Byrne takes viewers on a harrowing ride to the core of a compromised mountain as well as a dark night of the human soul. […]

VIDEO: “Man of Steel” Taking A Page Out Of Christopher Nolan’s Book With New Superman Film

With inevitable plans to re-launch Batman in a new franchise over the next several years, following the critically acclaimed and fan-adored three films from Christopher Nolan’s own Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. has begun plotting its future moves with the other DC properties they desire to get on big screens – sooner rather than later. […]

AllHipHop At The Movies: “Dark Shadows”

Warner Bros. has reached into the past and brought back to life the story of the cursed Barnabas Collins and his family in their new release, Dark Shadows, which opens today (May 11) in theaters nationwide. Once a television soap opera type series in the 1960s, Dark Shadows is the story of the wealthy Collins […]