Canibus Discusses New Pete Rock Produced EP “C”

Canibus checks in with Tim Einenkel this week to talk about his brand new EP titled simply titled “C” produced by Pete Rock. Read more!

This week Tim talks to Canibus about his new EP, “C”(produced by Pete Rock), lyricism, music, and his personal journey. The legendary rapper also discusses what he’s learned from his past and why we should stop living in it.

“A lot of my older stuff is a lot of ego and that’s why sometimes I hear it now and people are like ‘that was my favorite. Can you just go back to doing that?’ They don’t understand,” Canibus explained.

“No disrespect to what stages people are at in their life.. they don’t even understand, how the f### am I going to talk like that now at 48 years old?.. It’s hard for me to do a deep dive on the one material because I really don’t think like that anymore,” Canibus said.

Check out this incredible, must-see interview.