Is Lee Daniels A Sell-Out or Just Smart?

Lee Daniels Gives Insider Info On Hollyweird

Recently, actress Mo’Nique revealed that she had been blackballed, a message delivered by Lee Daniels. The famed director and film maker revealed a more detailed analysis of the situation, including the he told the actress to play ball in Hollywood so she could be successful. When taken to task, Lee Daniels even called himself a “sell-out” saying that he would always continue to work and tell “his truth.” Check out the video below. So, does this make Daniels a sell-our smart?

Here are some of the quotes:

“She was making unreasonable demands, and she wasn’t thinking — this was when reverse racism was happening, I think. I told her, ‘You have to thank the producers of the film, you have to thank the studios.’ And I think she didn’t understand that, and I said, ‘People aren’t going to respond well if you don’t.”

“This is not just ‘show’. It’s ‘show business,‘ and you’ve gotta play ball, and you can’t scream — I don’t like calling the race card. I don’t believe in it. If I buy into it, it becomes real. If I knew what I knew when I was 21, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.