Master P Says Aug 7 Louisville Concert Will Be Safest Event In The City


Master P said despite the recent violence in Louisville, he will not stop the biggest concert of his career.

This will be a peace concert for the city of Louisville. Cole’s Place is one of the top night spots for the hood and has been a target, but is not the problem. Master P said people who commit crime are looking for people they have beef with anywhere, it can be at church, it could be at McDonalds, 7/11 it could be the nice neighborhood or the projects but we are not going to let this stop the Aug 7th Event that people are coming from everywhere to be a part of. Its a peace event that will have extra security and police. It will be one of the safest places to be on Aug 7th and this is the way all clubs that have a lot of people should prepare for large events and crowds for the safety of attendants. Aug 7th we will all come together as a community and enjoy each other. Tickets on sale now at Cole’s Place this will be a sold out event. Also we will be celebrating Romeo birthday bash. They are not going to stop us and make us go somewhere else. This is going to be the biggest event in the city and the safest at Cole’s place. All the stars are coming in town.