Tunisia Terror Attack: New Footage Of Beach Rampage


You can see the terrorist reloading his AK at 3:00, then he’s walking on the beach looking for people to kill.


0:08: “He is only one, right?”
0:27: “Where is he?”
0:40: “From where he got the weapon?”
0:55: “Everyone to the ground”
1:18: “He has stun grenades”
1:22: “Everyone back off”
1:29: “He is right there I can see him wearing shorts”
1:46: "That’s him behind the palm tree!”
2:00: “He is coming this way towards me”
2:30: “He is coming!”
3:00: *Picks up glass bottle as a weapon*
3:19: “It’s him! it’s him!”
3:28: “He killed people”
4:44: “Look at tourists died because of him”
5:05: “Why? Why are you killing people? Why are you killing people? woe to you”
5:26: “Where are the police?!”
5:40: “Come Come! He run out of bullets! He only has one bomb! Police Police he run out of bullets”
7:05: “Why did you kill these people why?! why my brother, tourists were sitting on Friday. You shouldn’t have done this”
7:42: “Oh my god he killed the man”
7:48: “He has a bomb! He has a bomb!”
8:03: “He threw something here. A mobile phone or something”
8:27: “Where are the medics?”
8:45: “I’ll F**k your mother! come here I’ll f**k your father!Catch him catch him”
9:00: “You D**khead”
9:36: “Release the dogs”
9:51: “He is dead”
9:56: “He is not dead”
10:12: “Go upstairs”
10:26: “Shoot shoot at him!”
11:10: “He is alone don’t be scared”