Woman Crashes Hillary Clinton’s Fundraiser & Demands Apology For Mass Incarceration Of Blacks

Watch Hillary Clinton’s response to a protestor demanding answers for her controversial statement against blacks

Photo: Instagram

As more information surfaces about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her deservingness of the black vote, the latest to rise is a statement she made in 1996 about jailing blacks in America. A protestor made sure to remind her of this when she stood up at Clinton’s fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina with the quote printed across a sign: “We have to bring them to heel.” The words were from a speech in which the Democratic hopeful called black criminals “super predators” and urged for their mass incarceration.

After the woman stands up with the sign and demands Clinton, many people who are seemingly from Clinton’s camp try to silence her. She is eventually escorted from the fundraiser as Clinton says she will address it at another time and finally responds with, “Okay, back to the issues.”

Watch the bold confrontation below.