A First Look At Summer Walker And London On Da Track’s Baby!

Gotcha! What do you think of this?

April fools Came Early! HA!

Here’s Summer Walker and London On Da Track’s Baby! LOL!

Download Baby Dancing In Womb Gif | PNG & GIF BASE

You guys listen to me. This is a new day and a new age. Summer Walker and London On Da Track have a baby…on the way. However, this has not stopped the pair from having an Instagram page for the fetus! The baby, I would imagine, is taking selfies from da belly! This is very strange to me and perhaps a first.

This is simply the time that we are living in. It reminds me of that movie the Truman show from back in the day. Only this time, the subject of the show hasn’t even been born, much less made a decision to be put in the limelight. When that kid becomes a teenager, he or she is probably going to be either really really good or really really bad.

But, I’m not going to judge too hard but it just feels like these guys are setting up a frenzy around their own kid being born. I would just like to say, I hope that they are praying mostly for a healthy baby, not a famous baby. I would hate for something tragic to happen and then this all play out sadly on social media.

I know they are praying for it, but I will too.