AishBeatz Lists 3 Daily Practices for Musicians To Bring Down Stress Levels & Thrive

“Put fitness first,” quips AishBeatz. A fit body is indispensable for a creative mind.

Fame, fandom, and success give artists a high and motivate them to keep grinding. However, as per AishBeatz, the grind can take a toll on a musician’s physical and emotional health. “Long schedules, extended jam sessions, and late-night studio rehearsals are what makes a day in the life of a musician. The grind is worth every minute spent; however, artists must take time to unwind and reconnect with their inner self to keep thriving,” states the Firebrand hitmaker. Here’s what you can do to keep your sanity and stay put amidst all the hustle the industry demands. 

  1. Sleep 

“Every other musician is sleep-deprived. However, sleep is essential for artists to stay creative and take their performance to the next level,” says AishBeatz. Aim for at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. It gives your brain the time to recuperate and heal. It is best to switch off your digital gadgets and put a “Do Not Disturb” message outside your room. “Furthermore, know when to quit using digital devices and call it a day to recharge your batteries,” adds AishBeatz. 

  2. Take a Break 

Set aside time every three to six months to take a break and indulge in pastimes unrelated to your musical career. It could be river rafting, mountain biking, or even visiting Disney Land with your little folks. “The key is to take a break mentally, physically, and emotionally to give yourself time to wind down and look at life from a different prism altogether,” says AishBeatz. 

  3. Fitness First 

“Put fitness first,” quips AishBeatz. A fit body is indispensable for a creative mind. The endorphins released during physical training reduce stress levels enormously and give you the much-needed pump every day. “Whether it is cardio, weight training, or a morning jog, all that matters is that you’re active and alive,” concludes AishBeatz.