Bishop Lamor Whitehead Sues Miss Jones For Calling Him A ‘Drug Dealer’

Bishop Lamor Whitehead

Preacher says the radio host damaged his reputation.

Blinged-out Bishop is back in court. This time he is not getting sued but doing the suing.

According to the Daily News, Brooklyn Bishop Lamor Whitehead has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against WXBK, Paramount Global, the New York Hip-Hop station 94.7 The Block after one of its hosts, Miss Jones, called him a “drug dealer” on the air.

The affront happened on Tuesday, Sept. 13, months after the preacher was robbed during a live church service. In addition to calling him a “drug dealer,” she also said he was “using the church to hide that old drug money.”

She also said his church, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry, “is where he’s probably still doing his dirty work.”

The Gucci-wearing Brooklyn native took to social media to talk about the lawsuit.

He said her remarks caused injury to his reputation.

“Miss Jones’ statements exposed plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule, aversion, and disgrace,” the lawsuit claims. “Miss Jones’ statements imply criminal activity and injured plaintiff’s reputation as a pastor.”

The company that actually owns The Block is not mentioned in the suit.

“We are aware of the lawsuit and are investigating,” an Audacy representative said in a statement. “We have no further comment at this time.”