Bush And Cheney: Don’t Let Them Hustle Us!

Well, as some of us expected, Saddam Hussein has been caught. After months of searching and billions of our dollars being spent, Bush finally caught the man who tried to kill his daddy. I am telling hip-hop plain and simple: Don’t let them hustle us. If you watch television close enough and not from an […]

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Well, as some of

us expected, Saddam Hussein has been caught. After months of searching and billions

of our dollars being spent, Bush finally caught the man who tried to kill his


I am telling hip-hop

plain and simple: Don’t let them hustle us.

If you watch television

close enough and not from an entertainment point of view, you can see what Mr.

Bush is doing.

Mr. Bush’s regime

is a corrupt one, labeled a fine example of cash and carry government. So what

he caught Saddam? Now

what? Try him as a war criminal, put him to death. So what?

Is that going to

bring back the almost 500

soldiers who died? Will

it allow Vice-President Cheney to continue to stuff his pockets to the tune

of $67 million dollars? Halliburton,

the company Cheney was the CEO of and supposedly severed his ties with, has

the most lucrative

contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Don’t let them

believe that we are not sophisticated. Bush and Cheney are hustling us. Its

happened since they stole

the election in Jeb Bush’s state of Florida. Bush’s brother’s state? Come

on it’s not obvious?

What about 9-11?


much did Bush know? Who cares? If we have a president that makes us ask

the question, he shouldn’t be president!

Enron? Revolved

around the oil. The

biggest bankruptcy in corporate U.S. history, thousands of people lose their

lifetime savings, the company greased the palms of almost every politician in

Washington, including Bush.

The company hails from the same state Bush governed (Texas) and then goes belly

up, effecting our entire economy. And they still

haven’t brought any charges against the CEO, and Bush confidant, Kenneth


Don’t fall for

it, we are being hustled.

There’s the sticky

issue of Bush’s

agency leaking the name of a covert CIA operative. Isn’t he accountable

for anything? Again, if we have these questions about the man who’s face represents

us all over the world, he’s not the right leader for anyone.

How about Bush’s

tax breaks that line the pockets of people who are already wealthy, yet

millions of American’s are overcharged by greedy hospitals and can’t afford

health insurance?

How about Margie

Schoedinger, who accused Bush of rape? She just recently "killed herself."

I don’t know if her allegations were true, but are these the allegations you

want floating around your president?


happened to the weapons of mass destruction? Or the proof of who pulled

off 9-11?

We honor Condoleeza

Rice because she’s probably the most powerful African-American woman. She’s

a classically trained pianist, she’s brilliant. But she’s not one of us. Don’t

forget…Ms. Rice served on the board

of Chevron, a company

that was created by John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil trust. She even reportedly

has an oil tanker named after her.

Don’t forget that

Bush senior was the head

of the CIA. Read about the October

Surprise. Don’t forget that while he was vice-prez with Reagan, the CIA

reportedly introduced

crack cocaine to African-American communities. And then they declared a

"war" on drugs. Is the war really on drugs?

Sure there are

going to be people that will scoff at this idea. I’m not going to go into detail

on that, do the research yourself, come to your own conclusions, whatever that

is. But learn something.

What about the

Anthrax scare? Isn’t anyone going to get arrested? Did we forget that already?

What happened to the domestic terrorist that perpetrated these acts?


timing is too perfect: elections are coming up, too many scandals, too many

dead soldiers. The timing is conveniently good for Bush and everyone will forget

about all the crap he’s been engaged in.

Hip-Hop lovers

have been saying for a long time that Bush’s coming into office was an ominous

sign of the times. And then they throw us Saddam, so that we forget and unite

around a common theme.

Read Daniel Yergin’s

history of the oil game, "The

Prize" and you start to realize just what game these oil men are playing.

For my hip-hop

conspiracy kooks out there, this one isn’t a conspiracy book, but hey, maybe

you kooks are on the right track. It’s includes the story of your favorites:

The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, The Nobles, The Mellons, etc.

They’ve been hustling

us for a long time.

I know the world

isn’t perfect and neither are our "leaders." I am not anti-government.

And believe me I support the troops. A friend of mine I grew up with, Omar,

is in Saddam’s hometown of Tikrit. I know the benefits of the society I live

in. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a right to voice our opinion’s on matters,

even if we have opposing views.

I’m not saying

go vote democratic, republican or anything. I am saying believe nothing, question

everything and do something. Communicate with each other. They sure are. They

don’t seem to care that Bush

may have been arrested in 1972 on cocaine charges, only to have them expunged

from his record, but they

sure are interested in your finances. Bush just signed a bill that allows the

FBI to check out all kinds of financial records, without court approval.

Put down the violent

video games for a minute. Turn off the violent music for a minute, stay away

from the violent movies for awhile. That’s where "they" want you.

Confused. Make it a point to learn something new everyday.

If you walk in

your house and all of your furniture is gone, just because you don’t have the

names of the thieves that robbed you, doesn’t mean you haven’t been robbed.

You may not have

the details on Bush and Cheney’s doings, but look around. You don’t need the


People…we don’t

have to settle for what the Bush regime is doing. We have to figure out how to change

some of these things.

A little sleep,

a little slumber, the folding of your hands to rest…so shall your poverty

come upon you like a thief in the night.

Don’t let them

hustle us!