Cam’ron Gives A Cop Out Answer On Why Jim Jones Wasn’t On Stage At Drake’s Show


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Cam’ron & Jim Jones’ brotherly social media and real life “fake beef” has certainly been entertaining lately. With that being, said Drake’s NYC Summer Sixteen tour stop added to the entertainment.

Drake brought out part of Dipset (Juelz Santana & Cam’ron) , but noticeably missing was Jim Jones.

Fans wondered if it were a situation of beef as the reason why Jim Jones was in the audience and not on the stage. Cam’ron sat down with Thisis50 to clear the air on the situation.

Cam says Drake actually called Juelz and said he wanted them to come out. Cam says people wanted to know why they didn’t bring Jim out, but Cam says it wasn’t his show.

“It’s not my show, I don’t conduct the show. It’s not Cam presents Drake,” said Cam’ron.

Cam knows he is PETTY. Regardless of whether or not Drake or Juelz mentioned Jim Jones, they could’ve still brought that man out. Cam said he didn’t even know Jim was there until people informed him on his comments on Instagram.

Cam said it honestly didn’t matter to him if Jim was there or not, but out of respect he wouldn’t go at Jim Jones because that’s still his man regardless of what people see in the public eye.

It seems like Cam’s main issue with Jim Jones is that he puts too much of their family business out to the public when things could be handled with a phone call. Cam says he doesn’t have a problem with Jim, but he doubts the Dipset reunion will happen.

Do you think Cam’ron & Juelz should’ve brought Jim Jones out?