Charleston White Shoots Himself, People Celebrate

Charleston White details exactly how he gets a gun in the club. He also reportedly shot himself in the club.

Charleston White.

Charleston white has been Hip-Hop’s biggest OPP. A lot of people like him because he speaks truth and he doesn’t bite his tongue for anybody. However, he has said for more ignorant things out of step with the culture to the point where I can’t ride with this dude anywhere. I wouldn’t even go to the corner store bodega with him because how flagrantly foul he is to the coaches sometimes.

Most recently, PNB rock was murdered in Los Angeles. And this guy fixed his mouth to say “So what PNB died – F**k him.” I don’t know the full context, but I do not thing I need that. He’s said it multiple times about multiple rappers, including the great Nipsey Hussle. So I can’t really be cool with anybody like that.

As fate would have it, Charleston White shot himself in the club last night. Right now it’s not fully confirmed, but people are celebrating it regardless. Rapper Freddie Gibbs made a joke about it right on his social media. I think it’s hilarious that people are celebrating him getting shot. And the irony of him shooting himself in a “booty club” is not lost on me. I wonder what they would say if he actually killed himself. And by the way, why was this dude in the club anyway? He’s about 70 years old and a wanted man. I hope he understands that holding a gun on your person does not ensure you do not get popped. If he knows like I know – it could happen whether you are strapped or not.

It is better to just have good energy and good karma and live a life that doesn’t bring that type of energy to you.