Chuck Smith’s Groovy Music Is the Perfect Response to Today’s World

Despite being a veteran in the rock music space, Chuck has not lost his creativity or innovation.

In today’s world, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear. That feeling is amplified when people turn on the news or read the headlines online. To help us deal with all this, we need more music that deals with these emotions in a lighthearted way. Enter Chuck Smith, aka Stray Deuce Music, a legendary singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who delivers just that. Chuck has been writing humorous songs for decades, and his latest songs are no exception. These tracks are humorous, groovy, and timely, reminding the listener there’s still a lot to smile about in these uncertain times.

Chuck has been in the music industry for decades, working alongside some of the most iconic artists of the last generation. A talented singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Smith has performed and recorded many successful songs under his stage name Stray Deuce. The artist caught his big break 18 months after moving to Los Angeles after a chance meeting with someone who’d just started in the management side of music. With Smith’s talent speaking for itself, it took little to convince his new acquaintance to take a chance on him. They put up the money for Smith to record a four-song demo, which got him a record contract at Motown as an artist and songwriter.

Soon after signing with Motown, Smith wrote a tune the company president chose for Diana Ross. The tune actually became the title track of one of Ross’s albums, Baby It’s Me. Over the years, Smith’s career grew, and he’s worked with other luminaries like Oscar and Grammy winner Paul Williams, smooth jazz legend Lee Ritenour, and Top 40 hitmaker Johnny Rivers, among others. Smith has also played with Willie’s Nerve Clinic, a band he formed with bass icon Dirk Lance, a founding member of the multi-platinum band Incubus.

Besides being an award-winning recording artist and performer, Smith is also an accomplished instructor. He frequently conducts songwriting workshops and has lectured at the San Diego Writers’ Conference and the Learning Annex. Some courses Chuck has taught include the history of rock ‘n’ roll and the evolution of songwriting. A multi-talented instrumentalist, Chuck also conducts one-on-one classes where he teaches guitar, bass, vocals, and songwriting.

Smith has coached singers for different contests like the American Idol tryouts. Some of his former students have also signed major record label deals. These include members of Incubus, the million-selling modern rock band; the singer of the Facebook dance-rap sensation Hyper-Crush; and playing the prestigious Hotel Cafe tour. Chuck has prepared many students for TV and movie auditions and school dramas and musicals. One guitar student he taught throughout high school recently posted an album he did of his original songs named Chuck for Chuck Smith.

Despite being a veteran in the rock music space, Chuck has not lost his creativity or innovation. On the contrary, his peers believe he’s never been better, which is high praise from other legends. Chuck’s latest songs include “Billie Sings” and “Lockdown Daze.” The first is a song tribute to award-winning artist Billie Eilish who Chuck believes is a trendsetter, and the second is his straight-ahead, rock takedown of the pandemic. “Trash Mars” is another original song that uses humor to deal with a pressing world issue. Many fans have loved these songs, which tell stories of hope humorously when the world needs it most.