Counterpoint: Pseudo-Black Revolutionary’s Hate For N.W.A.

There’s Another Side…

I hate being a reactionary writer, but this dude, Minista Paul Scott makes my dick itch! (Or maybe it’s crabs?) Here goes another article focusing on how N.W.A. destroyed black America. I’m starting to think that he’s an Agent Provocateur for Fox News! (Or a pseudo-Black Nationalist of the Clarence Williams III in “I’m Gonna G## You Sucka.” See the movie! You’ll get the picture. LOL.) The “Minista” is the Prime Minister of the Messianic Afrikan Nation in Souf Cakalaka.

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(Minista Paul Scott, the darling of Fox News on black stuff)

I know all too well the mindset of Minista Paul Scott and his Afrocentric, black revolutionary, religiosity. He has some of y’all gassed, but I’ve done more in that lane than he’ll ever understand! I was the student of Yahweh ben Yahweh. I was a comrade of Malachi York (when he taught on Bushwick Ave. in Brooklyn as Imam Issa—leader of the Ansaaru Allah Community). I’ve sat on the same stage as Minister Louis Farrakhan and had lunch and deep conversation with Kwame Toure’ (aka Stokely Carmichael R.I.P.). I was about that radical life in the 80’s/90’s and then went on to Major in Black Studies and Minor in Religion at the University of Nebraska, so I understand the street revolutionary mind and the academic revolutionary mind. (Did mention I wrote six books?) When Min. Paul Scott wrote, “F### N.W.A.” in his last article about them I said, “F### Minista Paul Scott!”

Min. Scott wrote a scathing article awhile back on why N.W.A. shouldn’t be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and now he’s dissin’ the movie (Straight Outta Compton)—a movie about N.W.A.’s come-up. I saw the movie Saturday and it was fabulous! All the characters were believable. Kudos to the casting director, ‘cause these actors looked like N.W.A. down to their mannerisms! Min. Scott says he won’t see the movie, even though he admits that his spirit is crying out to grab a hotdog (no doubt, Kosher) & popcorn and sit in the blackness of his local theater and finger-bang his woman (assuming he’s hetero) like the olden-days. Drop that “10 bucks” n####!

Now let’s jump right in and deconstruct Min. Paul Scott’s quasi/pseudo-nursery-ish-Urban-Black-American-Music-for-Dummies understanding of what was going on in black America, circa 1988—when N.W.A. came on the national music stage.

The decay of urban black America was well under way by the time N.W.A. came on the scene in 1988 with one of hip-hop’s most revolutionary songs, “F### Tha Police.” Black Power revolutionaries Eldridge Cleaver, Huey P. Newton and Kwame Toure’ aka Stokely Carmichael would’ve been proud of the unattended children of the post-Cointelpro/F.B.I. Hoover era going hard-body-karate at the “Omnipotent Administrator” (Cleaver’s words for da man/system). N.W.A.’s song was as powerful a political statement as Public Enemy’s, “Fight The Power.” They proved that you don’t have to wear a dashiki and a black power fist to speak truth to power. N.W.A. were not your prototypical revolutionaries black folk were so familiar with—you know, those Min. Scott-type n##### that sit around drinking libations and secretly feigning for a pig’s footses sammich and pontificating about black folk’s “s###-uation,” while, at the same time exhibiting their misogyny and homophobia in the name of blackness—Paternalistically Negrotudenal (whatever the f### that means, but you feel me?)

Reaganomics, crack cocaine, HIV/AIDS, and full-fledged turf wars by Crips & Bloods were being spread all over the country. The movies, “Boys In The Hood” and “Colors” exemplified the cultural climate in most urban cities. Throw in police brutality, which has always been an ever-present danger for black people in America that started way before any of that N.W.A. crew was birthed. From Miami’s 1981 police brutality in the Arthur McDuffie murder and subsequent riot to Los Angeles’s 1991 beating of Rodney King and the riot that followed. N.W.A. were visionaries—“Negrodamuses” who told and foretold of the violence perpetuated by police on its citizenry. Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland—all products of police brutality. This is why N.W.A. screamed, “F### Tha Police!” They were the frustrated & raging voices of the Urban Bantustan! Gangsta rappers who did not turn a blind-eye to the b####### in their community, Compton.

This new genre of rap music dubbed “Gangsta Rap” did not start with Compton and N.W.A. Philly rapper Schoolly D  is most notably responsible for being the early pioneer of Gangsta rap (Editor’s note: Ice-T said he was heavily influenced by Schoolly D). Min. Scott is an East Coast n#### with a bias against the West Coast and the music coming out of Cali. Maybe this explains his disdain for N.W.A.? Why doesn’t he lay the moral decay of black life at the feet of real black people killers, like New York’s Frank Lucas, Pappy Mason, Alpo and all those other miscreants that helped flood our streets with crack? Or northern Cali’s Charles Smith, underboss of the Godmother Griselda Blanco or ex-drug dealer Ricky Ross and his C.I.A. bosses who flooded the streets of South Central & Compton—turning housewives into crack w##### and would-be stand-up men into dope fiends! We talkin’ da 80’s.

N.W.A. was as revolutionary as Public Enemy (without the sideshow buck-dancing antics of Flavor Flav!) In hindsight, how revolutionary was it for Eazy E to have dinner at the White House with President Ronald Reagan, the assumed enemy of most black people? What can be extrapolated from a jack-move like that? That’s a long barbershop conversation and even a longer well thought out thesis/dissertation. When the Rodney King Riot jumped off, which rapper/s had the most prolific album speaking to the woes of police Brutality? Tell me who? I’ll tell you! It was an (ex) N.W.A. spitter—Ice Cube’s 1992 album, “The Predator”—one of the greatest and most revolutionary rap albums ever written! Ice Cube murdered the subject of police brutality! He devoted that album to the cause. All of you young jits should have a listen!

Yes! We can point out some of the ratchetness of N.W.A.’s songs, as we could with most rappers and rap groups. Rappers aren’t put on this earth to preach the gospel of religiosity, blackness or salvation as Min. Paul Scott would have it. N.W.A. spoke the truth and framed the truth according to their small world-view. How could they possibly be the blame for what ails black America?

The idea that groups such as N.W.A. were allowed to thrive to counter the consciousness and revolutionary ideas of Public Enemy and the like is far-fetched. I’ve seen the YouTube video about the secret meeting to destroy hip-hop and it’s about as lame as Flava Flav being part of the Illuminati! You Negroes hold yourselves waaay too impotent important in the grand scheme of conspiracy theories (and this is coming from a conspiracy theorist.)

If Min. Paul Scott wants to lay the blame of ghetto erosion on anyone, perhaps he might start with our government. They create the environments & circumstances whereby black men find themselves afoul of the law—not N.W.A. or rap music. With everything I’ve got, I hate the FOX News posturing of Minista Paul Scott and what he brings to the revolutionary game! He might not go see “Straight Outta Compton,” but I betcha he’ll catch it on Netflix! Long live N.W.A.!

Khalil Amani, a Negus with pen-game and a love for hip-hop, even that gangsta, gangsta ish! Follow on IG, Facebook, Twitter. Or check for him in DJ Kayslay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine.