Dear Andre 3000

Dear Andre 3000, I always had a feeling that this day would come. I saw it coming ever since you and Big Boi dropped the ATLiens album. At The Source Awards back in 1995 when you told the unruly New York crowd “I’m tired of closed minded people”. When you had on the military jacket […]

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Dear Andre 3000,

I always had a feeling that this day would come. I saw it coming ever since you

and Big Boi dropped the ATLiens album. At The Source Awards back in 1995 when

you told the unruly New York crowd “I’m tired of closed minded people”. When you

had on the military jacket and a turban. I knew that the path that Outkast was

blazing would one day be difficult to continue in the same capacity.

Dre, I’ve become more and more disappointed but somewhat understanding of the

recent quotes I’ve read regarding your disenchantment with hip hop. Of course,

only you can decide what’s best for you and your career and I respect that. But

there’s something that you have to understand, you’re not the only one that’s

mad at hip-hop right now. There are fans all over the world that miss the

passion and fun that once came with hip-hop. As a fan of Outkast, I’ve purchased

every Outkast album and even the “Player’s Ball” single when it first came out.

Outkast made me want to come to Atlanta to go to college. Simply stated Dre…HIP

HOP NEEDS YOU! We need albums like Aquemini and Stankonia. I was at the

Stankonia concert when it came to the Atlanta Fox Theatre and I was amazed at

the mixture of fans Outkast has. I’m not just talking about white kids at a

black concert. I mean there were older white men and women, thugs, fine girls,

afro-centric types, rock dudes, white-collar dudes, etc. ALL AT


I don’t now if you’re serious about not touring to support the new Outkast album

but that s### floored me. Out of all the hip-hop acts that I’ve seen perform,

Outkast has one of the best live performances, period. Do you know that people

lose there minds when you throw on the old Atlanta Braves Jacket and jeans and

tear into songs from “Southernplayalistic…”? Remember how ya’ll rock it at the

Fox Theatre when you guys were on the Lauren Hill Tour? Dawg, you have to know

what Outkast means to hip-hop? I think it was XXL magazine that pose the

question on whether Outkast was the greatest group of all time. I think you’re

right up there with Run-DMC and EPMD.

If you wanna pursue acting, go ahead and act my n####. If you want to play

guitar, play it. Whatever you want to do, do it my n####, your fans understand.

But don’t take the Player and the Poet away from us. We look forward to seeing

what new sound and songs you’ll come up with. Every time ya’ll drop a new CD

there’s nervous confidence that you’ll pull it off again. We can’t wait to see

what your next outfit will look like (By the way the new look is hot). We can’t

wait to hear what new nickname Big Boi will call himself. The world is still

saying “So Fresh and So Clean Clean” because of you guys. Dre, believe me

there’s nothing in hip-hop that is as special as Outkast right now.

Oh yeah, what about the A-town? The ATL is popular because of Outkast in some

respects. Yeah folks new about Atlanta before 1993 but you guys painted the

picture of what true ATLiens were about. Flip flops and socks, Hootie Hoo,

Cadillac’s, and so on. Remember when people were bootlegging the Stankonia album

before it came out? N##### was bumping that “Mrs. Jackson” all over Atlanta and

that s### wasn’t even out yet. Can’t you see Dre, n##### don’t get excited over

music like that anymore. Not unless it’s Jay-z, Eminem (50 cent too), or the

muthaf**king Outkast. That buzz over a certain artists is rare these days.

Dre, you have a gift shawty. There are a lot of people, including other rappers

that consider you to be one of the best MC’s in the game. N##### to this day are

still trippin’ off of your last verse on “Elevators”. Southern MC’s are getting

their much-needed respect because of Face, Cee-lo, and you. So, instead of

bowing out why don’t you show these n##### how to put out a classic solo joint?

Then you and Big Boi come back out with another banger. What about making a CD

with about 30 or 40 songs on it? Just take the game to another level because

that’s what the game needs right now.

Now if you want to sing…I’ll even accept that but you got to understand that

even though “The Love Below” is good, you’re better at rhyming. You singing,

with all due respect, is like me trying to qualify for the 100 yard dash in the

Olympics. No matter how much I want to do it, speed is just not the skill that I

was blessed with. If you’re uninspired with hip-hop, then inspire us. If you’re

bored then continue to entertain us.

Lastly, my n#### Big Boi has been holding the group down for a minute. He’s been

so understanding of your growth, as far as I can tell from his actions and

statements. I think he knows that no matter how much success you two could have

separately, you guys will always be better as a group. Plus, Big Boi is spitting

so hard on the mic right now, that n#### has to be in his prime. This is the

point in your careers where Outkast could be making the best hip-hop records

ever heard. I read where Big Boi said he would even go out on tour by himself to

push the album. C’mon Dre, don’t leave Big Boi out there like that. Bottom line,

Dre don’t stop rapping. Please find a way to want to rap again. Please find

balance in all things you’d like to explore in your career. And please let that

balance include hip-hop.

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