Dear White People: Please Be More Like Mac Miller

Mac Man Speaks The Real!

In a string of tweets late Tuesday night, Mac Miller acknowledged what so many of his peers seem to be unwilling to acknowledge: that racism is a real, systemic ill and white people really need to do more to address its evil.

mac miller tweets

mac miller tweets

mac miller tweets Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 1.02.33 AM

From the tone of some of Miller’s tweets, it would seem as though he was motivated by last night’s Republican presidential debates, at which the source material for one of his more popular songs was a key factor. Regardless, we could all use more of this — namely, privileged people doing and saying things that anyone with a sliver of morality would.

Kudos, Mac.
This op-ed piece was originally published on Slant News. For more, check them out.