Did Joe Budden Lose $600K In Endorsements?

Has Joey lost his main cash cow?!

It SEEMS like Joe Budden’s awkward hugs and comments are having a big, big ripple. So, let me not understate the realty that he is accused of being sexually inappropriate with DJ Olivia Dope. I want to call her Olivia POPE like the TV show. Anyway, Buddy Budden has apologized to her for his skeevy actions, which definitely denotes some wrong doing. Whether or not that is some actionable offense is another story. So far, no legal action has been taken.

Some other action has, according to the rumor mill.

Apparently CashApp has pulled out as a sponsor for the Podcast. The rumor mill says that the deal was worth upwards of $600K per year. Also, it seemed to have exclusivity in their sponsorship. Actually seems kind of low to me. I don’t know but some observant eyes have said that CashApp signage has been removed. Also, I am hearing the State of the Culture has been cancelled from Revolt for other reasons.


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