Dome is Where the Heart Is: Lewd Priorities in New Orleans

So is anyone else blown by the priorities that were displayed during week three of the NFL besides me?!! I saw the reopening of a sports arena (and Canal St. businesses, mind you) in the middle of a city that is still ravaged from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and government negligence. While the people […]

So is anyone else blown by the priorities that were displayed during week three of the NFL besides me?!! I saw the reopening of a sports arena (and Canal St. businesses, mind you) in the middle of a city that is still ravaged from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina and government negligence. While the people of New Orleans can be uplifted and encouraged by the Saints having a home again, I can’t help but notice the paradox.

First and foremost, how is it that the NFL was able to drudge up $15 mil.

three weeks into the season for last minute renovations when the

government’s been unable to properly allocate funds raised in the last 14

months to restore homes? How has the NFL shown more initiative and

implementation in a month’s time that FEMA, the FBI and all the federal

acronyms combined have been unable to do in over a year’s time?

Secondly, if in fact, a saint is just a sinner who’s fallen down, why the

h*ll would we chose to help the saint (the iconic representation of the

fallen sinner) versus reaching out our hands to the real victims? Are we so

distracted with celebrating domes reopening and one year ‘anniversaries’ of

tragedies (is anyone else disturbed how we reflect on and commemorate

disasters with the same celebratory term used for weddings and birthdays?)

that we’ve all turned a blind eye to the devastation that still haunts New

Orleans? Should the saints have a winning season this year, what profit is

really gained when uplifted souls have to pay cover charges to celebrate in

the French Quarter businesses because their homes haven’t been rebuilt yet?

“Inundated: The Katrina Demi-Epic”


“The Big Uneasy”


For the past few months or so

We’ve been engulfed with shows

That put the Gulf Coast on front pages.

Yet it’s not for the love of folks

That most have covered the scope…

It’s to exploit the struggles and woes

in a front of the ages.

So who in the hell left

the floodgates open

Long enough for tear duct

substrates to remain broken?

Who duct taped the notion on

our eyelids to keep us watching?

Who in the hell left

the blood tapes rollin’

Long enough to let the

rush take over ‘em

But quick enough to escape the

overrun of escapees flockin’?!!

It’s the legalized gossips that

keep ratings high for profits.

Why else would eagle eyes

wade in waste-high toxins?!! –

Human interest pieces keep us

dry as we watch them –

viewed from a distance.

These reporters seem

neither in harm’s way

Nor deeply moved by

the parts they play…

Their words are facades for the stage –

mere props for the news edition.

Their eyewitness is

a wry gimmick.

I can’t just blindly listen

to ‘fly by’ night vision.

Let them SURVIVE in it –

don’t just drop in, get dropped off

and stay in the trenches.

Besides, how can they film

folks stranded in regions

And then walk away from where

they’ve landed and leave them?!!…

This isn’t Cannes season –

such abandoned reason

is tainted and twisted.

I hate the media’s tracking tactics

When grief or tragedy happens.

They’re all tactless fascists

with cameras flashin’ immodestly.

To keep dailies blatantly current

Men and ladies like Katie Couric

Invent shameless circuits

with circus-like followings.

This is where the government

sows a seedy advantage –

They love to control us by

what’s seen on the bracket.

The media’s magic deceives

with manic smoke and mirrors.

That’s why FEMA was so inactive

When Katrina was first

seen on the planet…

There’s no need for immediate

panic unless planted by the overseers.


Resting 10 ft. beneath sea level,

Once New Orleans was

besieged by that she-devil,

Everyone suddenly saw its deeply

disheveled quality of life.

But if not for the French Quarters

Becoming weatherworn

and drenched by water,

The existence of the poorer

gives little incentive for reporters

to get falsities right.

We’ve got families so

accustomed to poor conditions

That some scuffle

to pour back into them.

They know nothing

of heir conditioning –

laws work best upon

insignificant ignorance.

It’s only when you don’t

know or want better,

That you don’t seek to

go beyond your measure…

Such pawns are treasured –

as they’re better suppressed

by indignant indifference.

Though this is a tragedy

we’ve certainly faced,

The hazards seen go

beyond this hurricane.

When poverty’s only shown

on a certain face,

bigger stories lie beneath.

As Black looters were exposed

as tasteless vagrants

The coverage shown

hurts my race’s patrons

And worsens my faith in this nation

as a less racist society.

When both Blacks and Whites

are scavengin’ for sandwiches

But only Africans are shown

scatterin’ like savages,

The averages we’re battlin’

make me feel a bit queasy.

So near the integral rigs

of Gulf and Texaco,

When sincere interest is shown

for the Gulf of Mexico…

I’m more prone to question the

motives that focus reels on the Big Easy.


Supporting a quarter of

our domestic oil’s network,

Louisiana’s ports are vested in

a major part of its net worth.

This info’s not off the record –

FX documented it.

Two months before Katrina,

it aired Oilstorm:

A movie release that

dared to forewarn…

Subpoena this mediaware

tour de force –

it’s evidence that the

odds were significant.

What’s crazier is how the news

incriminates the hands that feed them

As they demonstrate the

fragments they seethe in.

Each picture paints a fabulous thesis:

this system devours itself from within.

Tell me, what’s wrong with

the picture exposed to the public

Where evacuated dogs were

depicted in coach buses

While exasperated grandmas exploded

in low budget buckets

with less than an hour to print.

This is American priorities at its best –

Our embarrassed authority’s

been outed by its press.

Newspapers have routed out the

threat for the sake of the story.

Apparently, the red, white and blue’s

been run up polarized lenses

By what’s black, white and read

by a totally blind census…

Notarized by the senseless –

the negatives print out as stains on Ol’ Glory.

Inundated with the rushing outpour

Of sudden concern that

came gushing out more,

That region’s become flooded by

downpours of tourists with camera quotas.

More putrid than the

refuse of contamination,

The coverage is profuse with glam’rization…

Just scan the stations –

they’ve got bullsh*t runnin’

like a Taurus in Pamplona.


And as for Bush – it’s not that he doesn’t

care for Black roots, people! –

He just doesn’t care for those

who lack the root of all evil.

Money acts as a boost to his ego –

his head’s too far up his @ss to look around.

The only way he could

see broken economies

Is through the scope of a colonoscopy…

Even then, his whole philosophy on

the polyps seen wouldn’t look like Brown’s.

See the common theme? –

his common sense is worthless

As long as the democracy of

common cents worsens.

He seems uncommonly less

burdened by blue collar toils..

It’s sad to see that even

with Brownie’s points,

He overlooked the need to

believe in brownie points

That could’ve reprieved his

drowning points from crude dollar spoils.

See why water and oil don’t mix?

As the water boils, even Bush’s loyal

have started to slip.

His laurels have stalled and dipped –

those stuck to Bush’s thorns now feel

the pangs as they reprimand him.

Thanks to the media leakin’ tips and whatnot

We’ve seen immediate releases

of trip-ups and subplots

Of whom greedy elitists

deem the ‘seediest;’ so as the buck stops –

they reel in the shame of being

caught red and second-handed.


What if Rita’s path to Corpus Christi

Would’ve been Katrina’s wrath

coursed through the city?!!

Would troop force committees have been

called back from Iraq to combat it?

They can’t match it –

they’re testin’ limits of a dangerous

force like Mos Def.

The souls of marine corpses won’t stop

‘til the Gulf Coast’s wrecked…

As the ghosts of those left from the

slave trade manifest its passage.

There’s no water-tight

defense against retribution

That can waterproof

slaughtered s#### executions.

The best solution would’ve been to

support the impoverished in lieu of troops.

To call New Orleanians refugees

is a master statement

That captures ‘enslavementalities’

even after evacuations…

As such actions of flagrant capitalist

vagrants entomb and doom.

That’s the mark of Totalitarians.

These are the beasts that bark

at folk rallies for Aryans.

So proud and arrogant –

they’d rather total the dens of N.O. natives.

They’d sooner make room out

of desecrated mausoleums

Before they’d rededicate the coliseum…

They wouldn’t hesitate to legislate

such monstrous ‘relief’ in as local renovations.


As he takes the race card and

plays it so crass and coonish,

Ray Nagin’s mindset, too

is lapsed and buffoonish.

It’s no wonder their time’s

set back a few units –

even the mayor’s retroactive.

Less attractive than his decrepit mis’ry

Are the backwards company

contracts in the Crescent City…

It’s a blessed pity when residents

set precedence to t######

bared and exposed to the masses.

What’s exposed is a chest wound

That needs to be addressed soon.

What about the needs beyond letting stress loose –

recreation should be the last priority!

Forget Super Domes and breast jewels –

They need future homes with restrooms…

Are they that moral-less and confused? –

I’d more or less assume no legroom

for crass acts defined as normalcy.

Besides, what happened to the billions raked in –

Has it been pillaged and wasted?!!

Who billed Gates’ donation – did it all

go to the head of Mardi Gras?

Did it all go to the dome of

Fat Cat Tuesday enthusiasts,

Or did they blow it on cracked fact

ruses played so dubious?…

These fools take looter’s dibs worse

than Bruh Man did Marty Mar.


I’m appalled by it all – I’ve heard ‘em

spit nails in their own coffins

By saying ‘Since they were given

warnings early and often,

That New Orleans was at fault when

they ignored the wisdom.’

So if this logic’s allowed to default in,

Then who’s audit does Bin Laden fall in?!!…

They can’t dodge the fraudulence –

the ball’s in their court system.

This is the real Watergate weigh in.

It’s a watery grave they’ve waded in.

This is a grave state we’ve been made in

– way to go USA!

Instead of Nixon and D########## roasted

We’re transfixed with

breached moats promoted…

I knew heat and hope floated –

but flam-buoyant BS

stands out in the Grand South’s

most useless parade.

It’s no use, I’m afraid – even as this morbid

page floods the rage in,

This rant’s a tirade of

torrid understatements.

The task undertaken is monumental

in un-quelled capitol grievance.

Yet though the undertow seems friv’lous,

There’s no numbin’ the throes

of these ‘xstream’ digits…

As they flow like the plumbing needs fixin’

‘til hell’s catacombs extinguish.

American Priorities at Its Best: