Dutch Artist Dabeau Goes Viral After Releasing the New Song, “Alienated”

Dabeau’s gifted voice and his willingness to hone his craft are making him increasingly popular in the music scene.

Original talent will always find a way to shine. Be it in music or any other field, talent and hard work are a killer combo that makes anyone unstoppable. Dutch artist Dabeau has a similar story. His unique and soulful music needed no label or celebrity endorsement to find an audience. Dabeau rose to fame on TikTok after one of his tracks went viral on the social media platform. Now the artist and music producer is all set to storm the music scene on the internet with his recent release “Alienated”. 

Dabeau is the artist name of Lucas Bontje. The young artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands, discovered his passion for music quite early. He always knew he had a unique voice, which could make him easily distinguishable in the industry. However, his unique voice was the greatest hesitation for Dabeau, who initially feared being different. He lacked self-confidence, thinking that people might not like his voice. This self-doubt became a huge barrier in his career until he decided to give it a try. 

Like any newbie trying to penetrate the music industry, Dabeau took to social media to showcase his skills. He began uploading his music on TikTok and was amazed to see the positive feedback from music enthusiasts all over the world. Within a short period, Dabeau earned loads of recognition on TikTok. His first song went viral, and since then, he has been rolling out back-to-back hits. 

Dabeau is a master of alternative genres. He fearlessly experiments, which is how he discovered his unique style of music. His recent release, “Alienated”, is an electrifying track reflecting his talent as an artist and music producer. The song brings a fresh wave of music that enthralls listeners of all ages. Considering the masterpiece Dabeau has crafted with “Alienated”, it is no surprise that the song received more than 100K streams in the first week. 

“Alienated” paved the way for a successful music career for Dabeau. The artist overcame anxiety, stress, and self-doubt to create music that is touching millions of hearts. Dabeau feels this is just the beginning for him as he has more to offer his fans. Currently popular on TikTok, he wants his music to top charts on several other social media platforms and even on digital streaming sites. 

Dabeau’s gifted voice and his willingness to hone his craft are making him increasingly popular in the music scene. Basking in the success of “Alienated”, he is optimistic about rolling out more unique and fresh music for his fans in the coming years. With back-to-back smash hits, the artist is now more confident than ever in his craft and is committed to bringing something new and enthralling to the audience. 

Standing out in an industry dominated by unique and fresh talents has not been easy for Dabeau. However, his distinct take on an alternative style of music has helped him carve a niche for himself in the music scene and continues to date. Dabeau believes in positivity and wants this energy to be reflected in his music. He wants to inspire young artists with his success and motivate people through his music to chase their passion. Dabeau dreams of taking his voice to the global platform in the coming years to spread more positive energy among people around the world.