Epic Fail Of The Day: “I Can Breathe” T-Shirts

“I Can Breath” Movement Emerges

There have been millions of people fighting and protesting the harsh reality of police brutality for a very long time, but the deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown have sparked a new level of outrage that we have not seen in a very long time. With these sorts of epic historic moments buck the legacy of White Supremacy, there is almost always a blowback. So, when millions are fighting for Civil and Human Rights, there is a small powerful contingent that’s works diligently to maintain the status quo.

And then there is this:

When people are chanting, “I Can’t Breathe,” the small ignorant real-life trolls are chanting “I Can Breathe,” an apparent effort stand side-by-side with police, there is a problem. The protest only gathered about 100-150 people. The question is, are they the few or do they represent a larger, silent block of hidden hatred?

Image Source: Facebook