Fitness Files: Lyfe Jennings

  Generally constant travelers and studio rats, artists often struggle to find a route for good nutrition. Nights filled with fast foods, slow movement and long hours can kill your metabolism and your energy, but Lyfe Jennings has been able to find balance through a vegetarian diet and a positive attitude.   Now on the […]


Generally constant travelers and studio

rats, artists often struggle to find a route for good nutrition. Nights filled

with fast foods, slow movement and long hours can kill your metabolism and your

energy, but Lyfe Jennings has been able to find balance through a vegetarian diet and a

positive attitude.


Now on the verge of releasing his third

album, Lyfe Change, he is all about

maintaining his focus and energy. We spoke with him in January about the new album and where he’s been. In our latest conversation with him, Lyfe offers a few pointers on how he stays in shape and maintains a positive

mental outlook through the chaos of his career. Give us a rundown of your basic eating plan.


Lyfe Jennings:  When I wake up I try to eat something with grains in

it, some cereal like some Corn Flakes or something like that, and as my day

goes on I really don’t eat anything in between meals per se. I really only try

and eat two times a day – that’s my thing. At the end of the day, I try and eat

a veggie chicken patty and some starch, some fries or something like that, and

I try and eat a piece of broccoli and squeeze some fruit in there. Then

I wash it all down with a Heineken. [laughs] Have

you always been a vegetarian, or did you decide to do that later in life?


Lyfe Jennings: Later

in life, I’ve been a vegetarian for about 15 years. What

types of changes did your body go through in going from eating meat to just

eating vegetables?


Lyfe Jennings: I lost

a lot of weight, and my energy level went way down. But then after a little

while I gained a lot of weight back and my energy level went right back on up.

I guess my energy level was feeding on itself. How did

you balance out exercise with changing your diet like that when you first



Lyfe Jennings: I

really didn’t change anything. I played basketball a whole bunch and definitely

I started getting more tired quicker once I became a vegetarian. But the more I

did it, it seemed my body got even stronger. On the

road you’re faced with a lot of fast food places, diners and things like that.

Do you find it hard to keep your diet balanced when you’re traveling?


Lyfe Jennings: Yeah, I

find it harder, but Burger King offers a veggie burger. I go to Burger King and

get me a veggie burger. I try to stay away from those fries ‘cause they are too

salty. Like I said, I pretty much only eat two times a day, so it’s not like

I’m searching for food and stuff that all the time. You’ve

talked a good deal of trash about how great you were on the basketball court.

Are you playing a lot with friends or are you in tournaments?


Lyfe Jennings: [laughs]

Well, right now I don’t get a lot of chances to practice, but I still do

tournaments. I do celebrity basketball games and things like that, and I’m

about to get me a personal trainer to create ‘me’ time so that I can still be

able to play. Do you

feel that a personal trainer gives you a little more structure?


Lyfe Jennings: I

think what a personal trainer does is look at your day and see the things that

you can’t do without, because one of the things you can’t do without is

exercise. He can look at your day and eliminate some things, and I guess

incorporate some things, and he can be that driving force in the beginning.

Obviously you’ve stayed very fit throughout the course of your career and you

have your new album coming out next month. Have you had to change up your

photos and things like that to make sure you look right?


Lyfe Jennings: No, I

do the same thing. Part of why people be affected by that stuff is because they

worry about it so much. It is what it is, it ain’t never what it ain’t, and

when your jumpshot ain’t working you take it to the paint. You

have a new single out right now. Why don’t you talk a little about the single

and how it’s a prelude to the album.


Lyfe Jennings: The

single is my fastest growing record ever. I think it’s gonna be my biggest

single yet. It’s called “Never Never Land” and it’s just about a lot of people

not handling their responsibilities and saying “Well, I’m not old enough to be

doing this.”


It doesn’t even have anything to do with

age, but those people are living in Never Never Land, right next to Peter Pan

where they didn’t want to grow up. But just like in Peter Pan, the only one

that didn’t get any older was Peter Pan.  If you ain’t

got on green tights, you’re kind of out of luck. You’ve

been through a lot of things in your life. Has there been any particular book

that influenced the way you look at life?


Lyfe Jennings:

Yes, actually the first book that I read. I used to think that I didn’t like to

read until I was in a situation where I ain’t have nothing else to do, and the

book was just sitting there, so I said “Hell, let me read this. It’s been

reading me all this time.”  


I grabbed the book and it was called Make Me Wanna Holler by

Nathan McCall. It was the first book I read that didn’t have a happy ending,

and it wasn’t a sad ending. The ending was that he was still looking for his

happy ending. The book was about him going to jail, coming out of jail and

trying to live up to a lot of other people’s expectations. His happy ending was

that he still had the mental and physical strength to look for his happy

ending. I’m

sure that through all of the experiences you’ve had with the ups and downs in

the music business in general, you have to do a lot of self-therapy and help

yourself stay positive day to day. How do you inspire yourself everyday when

you wake up?


Lyfe Jennings: In the

business world, I definitely try and read something encouraging before I get

out of bed. I try to smile, even if I ain’t got nothing to

smile about, I try to smile before I get out of bed. Then in this business, I

always try to remind myself that this is just business.


This is just a game of chess, I know a lot

of people try and put compassion into the rules and all that, but just as you

put that stuff into the rules, some people don’t put that stuff into the rules.

That’s the way they play their game, and in this business it is just that, just

business. I don’t take it personal, you know? What

kind of advice would you give to a person that’s coming into the music

industry? Realizing that there’s a lot of pressure to look good and keep a

positive attitude, be a role model, etc.


Lyfe Jennings: My

advice to them is to figure out what’s your strongest attribute and then feed

that. Let that be your purpose and guide, and always go where you’re wanted. In

the beginning, go where you’re wanted. If you’re not wanted there, don’t go

there.   Check out Lyfe’s new video for “Never Never Land”

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