“From Underground to Mainstream: GALI Emerges as a Rising Rap Sensation”

Unleashing Unfiltered Emotion: A Fearless Ode to Love on “21”

In a realm where artists often shy away from naming their past flames, GALI fearlessly defies convention on his latest single, “21,” recounting a tumultuous relationship with the unforgettable Ashley. Except, the name Ashley is used to symbolize a person who anyone has ever loved. 

Within the enchanting soundscape of “21,” GALI’s signature immersive atmosphere and adaptive lyricism converge, carrying listeners on a melodic odyssey through his journey with the name “Ashley”. Set against a backdrop of chill, lo-fi beats, the verses exude raw emotion and an unwavering sense of purpose, inviting audiences to feel every nuance and meaning woven into the fabric of his words.

Hailing from the center of Chinese hip-hop music, Shanghai, GALI has rapidly ascended to stardom in China, leaving an indelible mark after claiming the third spot on the esteemed 2020 show, “Rap of China.” Standing shoulder to shoulder with renowned Chinese rap luminaries like MC HotDog and Lexie Liu, GALI captivated audiences with his performance of “70%,” which garnered over 3.5 million views on YouTube, can be seen here.

Since then, the hip-hop heavyweight has remained committed to creating music that showcases his profound rap prowess, seamlessly infusing remnants of his past life into his music, building bridges between his artistry and personal experiences.

“21” finds its place within the revolutionary music collective, D.N.A., curated by Lay Zhang (LAY), which endeavors to propel talented Chinese artists, like GALI, onto the global stage. Lay has experimented in the rap realm with his hit album “莲 (Lit)” back in 2020, which has been his most dominating track and equally cinematic music video with over 26 million views to date. LAY’s role as executive producer adds a touch of seasoned expertise to the track.

As GALI embarks on his current ATLANTIS tour, he aims to deliver an unforgettable experience to his devoted fans. With crafted music like “21,” the rapper aspires to transcend boundaries and propel the Chinese hip-hop industry into the global spotlight.

Fearless, relentless, and unapologetic, GALI emerges as a force to be reckoned with, using his music as a conduit to reshape the landscape of contemporary Chinese hip-hop and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his listeners.

The track is also produced by Sool Got Hits who is a producer of the D.N.A Music Alliance. He is known for helming hits such as Quavo’s “Workin Me” and Nicki Minaj’s “Miami” plus a winner of the GRAMMY Award for Best R&B Song. This release follows a string of singles out of the new music collective which includes LAY as executive producer. Just last month, “Break My Heart” was released with GALI, Vinida and LAY while Vinida, a rising superstar in her own right, released her own standout track called, “What She Said,” earlier this month.

“21” is available on all streaming services, here. A captivating futuristic lyric video is available on D.N.A YouTube channel can be seen here. Follow GALI on Instagram here, D.N.A team on Instagram here and LAY on Instagram here.

YouTube lyric video:

Photo credit for LAY photo: Zhang Yixing Studio

Photo credit for GALI: GALI Studio

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