Hexmurda: F**k A Rap List!!


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Lists? We talkin’ ’bout lists?

Man, f**k a list.

Ni**as all up in arms over some f**king rapper lists.

I hope ya’ll defend/campaign for your mother the same way ya’ll do for these rap ni**as. Muthaf**ka’s won’t come to your funeral but you’re ready to go to the grave for them. I don’t give a f**k what somebody else thinks is hot. What another muthaf**ka eats doesn’t make me sh*t.

You either.

At least it shouldn’t.

This mag made a list. That site made a list. So what? f**k them. Make your own g###### list. Make a list of dumb-ass lists. I put my damn Top 5 MC’s on Twitter once & ni**as acted like I changed the f**king Commandments. One n#### offered to “clean my list up” for me.

My list is my f**king opinion. I got one. Make your own list. Nobody’s probably going to care, but at least you got your own list right?

Then again, that’s what this is all about. You DO have your own list don’t you, dear reader? You want validation. You want everyone ESPECIALLY those mags & sites to agree with you & validate the names that you hold dear. When they don’t you get angry as f**k don’t you? Better watch out, you’re gonna wake up w/ in a roadside ditch.

Everybody’s a f**king critic, & they think NOBODY know’s sh*t but them. Who gives a f**k? ni**as cry over some cats personal opinions like some celestial being etched their lists in stone & gave them to a dude upon a mountaintop. If I were you, I would watch the cats who declined to be included in certain lists. They seem to be the ones who win.

Just know that these media cats compile these names just to get a reaction from the public, rack up hits, & start various discussions & arguments. With that said, I would be remiss to not give you my Top 5 MC’s (really 6) so you can rip it to shreds & call me a “dookyhead” or whatever.

Who gives a f**k?

These are the ni**as I think can spit. Sorry your favorites may not be there, but f**k you. Be careful though, you may end up on my Top 5 “B**ch-ass Muthaf**kas Who Post B**ch sh*t” list.

Hexmurda’s Top 5 Dead or Alive, NOT YOURS:  

5. Guilty Simpson / Almighty Dreadnaughtz – Random Axe
4. Sean Price /BCC – Heltah Skeltah -Random Axe
3. Andre 3K / Outkast
2. eLZhi / formerly of Slum Village
1b. Royce Da 5’9″ / Bad Meets Evil-Slaughterhouse
1a. Eminem / Bad Meets Evil-D12.

Hexmurda is a contributor to AllHipHop and he basically does what he wants regardless of anything. Below are some of the acts he reps.

RANDOM AXE (GuiltySimpson SeanPrice BlackMilk)
http://bit.ly/udbOEP BLACK&BROWN
(BlackMilk X DannyBrown) http://tinyurl.com/3vj89g9