Hip-Hop Rumors: Is This What Caused Rich Homie Quan's Seizure?


Codeine purp lean double cup mud sizzurp codeine cups dirty sprite

What do we have here? Rich Homie Quan is living the fast life, according to the rumors! Lil Wayne had a number of issues with sipping on that lean and the result was seizures in mass. Well, some have been saying that Rich Homie may be experiencing similar stuff after having seizures today. But, there is a bit of a difference for RHQ, according to my sources. Peep what was sent to me:

Just heard a rumor about Rich Homie Quan’s recent seizure. According to those on set, the real sizzurp or lean was banned a few weeks ago so now in a dry market rappers are trying the red and yellow versions of lean which users say is much different than the purp.  Also people are lacing the lean with prescription pills so it’s a potent mixture that can cause more serious risks


As a matter of RECORD, Rich and the crew state and maintain it was NOT drug-related.

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That dude seems to have a very bright future in front of him. Stay Healthy!!!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

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