House of Petals Is Bringing Back ‘90s Era Rock and Roll

House of Petals will also be hosting concerts, both virtual and physical.

Any true fan of rock and roll music in Hollywood knows the House of Petals. This is where the late rock and roll legend Eddie Van Halen spent many of his nights sharing his creativity and passion. House of Petals, owned by Joey House, was an everyday flower shop by day. But once night fell, music reigned supreme.

A creative, loving, and humorous artist, Eddie was loved by many who came to see him perform. Eddie held many spontaneous jam sessions with other musicians at House of Petals. Some of the most iconic works performed in the House of Petals include Eddie’s Michael Jackson’s BAD contribution.

Artists from other backgrounds would also come to the venue to enjoy the music and mingle with their fans without the cameras following them. The likes of Halle Berry, Farrah Fawcett, Sean Penn, and Tone Loc were common faces. And then, when everyone was gone, Joey and Eddie would stay up late creating more music, laughing, and talking. It was during those moments that the House of Petals guitar collection was born.

“That’s the core culture and true soul of the project,” says Joey. “I want to bring back some of that feeling of love and collaboration, that raw creative energy that really fuels the art and music world. I want to give that to people in this new incredible way”

With Eddie gone, Joey has found a way of bringing back the mood and creativity that marked that season. On March 25, 2022, the journey will begin with the House of Petals NFT project launch. The project will begin with a collection of guitars and flowers. The two custom-made physical guitars Eddie gifted Joey will only be part of a larger collection.

“I want to memorialize the history of Rock’N Roll through the metaverse,” said Carrie Lyn of The Creative House, who is focused on bringing long-term value to NFT holders. “We can be immersed in the history versus reading a book or watching a documentary. Artificial intelligence NFTs are coming. All the while, we are nurturing the upcoming generations that are still finding their sound.”

The project developers are certain that the NFTs will sell out quickly. They are therefore not stopping there. Once the NFTs sell out, parts of the funds collected will be used to build the House of Petals in the metaverse. The project members will then gain exclusive access to this venue. They will also enjoy its events and greenroom hangouts with artists, players, and influencers. The developers also promise more surprises before and after this first NFT mint release.

The House of Petals NFT project will extend its benefits outside the metaverse. According to Duquan Brown of Future Media, HOP project lead, the project will stick to its main goal, which is to memorialize rock and roll history. While books are good for sharing history, experiencing something for yourself is better, and that’s what they want. When future generations want a taste of the ’90s, all they’ll need to do is get a House of Petals NFT. In a lot of ways, the experience will be like going on a tour without leaving the house said Brown.

House of Petals will also be hosting concerts, both virtual and physical. These concerts will provide artists from different backgrounds an opportunity to bond and connect. Eddie cared deeply about up-and-coming artists, and that’s something the project cares about too. These artists will play special concerts where they will have the stage to themselves.

Part of the money raised from the project will be donated towards initiatives that Eddie cared about. These include City of Hope for cancer treatment and research, Eric Clapton’s rehab center Crossroads, and providing guitar and piano lessons to underprivileged music students. A national high school tour will be conducted in his honor.