How To Become Instagram Famous: 8 Important Steps For Beginner

About 500 million people log into the app every day to check the feed of posts, upload a new post or take down stories.

It seems that every second active Internet user (and especially on social networks) has at least once thought about creating his own blog and becoming a famous author. And this is not surprising, because the development of new technologies has led to the fact that people spend most of their free time online and even build businesses on various platforms. For many creators, Insta has become a platform through which they were able to gain fame, monetize content, and great advertising offers.

But along with the development of the site, competition increases. About 500 million people log into the app every day to check the feed of posts, upload a new post or take down stories. The amount of content is difficult to count and it becomes more difficult to surprise users. But this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve the desired result. In this article, we will tell you what steps you need to take to get closer to your goal and become more visible and competitive on the site.

Filling out all of the details.

Before you learn how to attract the attention of the audience, make sure that your page is ready for this. Optimize your account and make it competitive.

Come up with a memorable and catchy nickname that will set you apart from the crowd. You can use your first name, last name, or funny nickname as the account name. The main requirement is that it should be readable and understandable. Do not use double letters and avoid using punctuation marks such as dots, spaces, or hyphens. This will complicate the search for your profile in the future.

Create a subscriber base. It may not be obvious, but the second thing that the person who visited your page pays attention to is the number of followers. Why? Because this is an indicator of the success and popularity of the author of the blog. The higher this number, the more attractive you look in the eyes of users, and competitors take you seriously. Take the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers, with which you will increase the activity on the page.

Your description and bright avatar can have a big impact on potential readers. Do not ignore these sections and fill in each of them. As an avatar, choose a successful portrait or a creative blog logo. It is important that it be unusual and memorable. In the “about yourself” section, write a couple of suggestions about the blog, its advantages, and interesting headings. Your goal is to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to click on the “follow” button.

Don’t forget to optimize the profile header to make your blog easier to find. In this section, you need to give concise information about the account and write about the niche in one sentence.

Posting at the right time.

So, after you have made sure that the profile is ready, it’s time to publish the first posts. The audience of each blogger is unique, and each of them studies his audience to understand which time period is comfortable for them. Some promotion specialists claim that there is a universal time from 7 to 10 pm, at which most users rest after work or study. But in fact, this is a misconception. Your subscribers may be busy in the evenings and not be able to go online to evaluate your content.

The best thing is an experiment. Start posting posts at different times and monitor the dynamics and coverage using statistics (it is free and available for professional accounts). This way you will increase the visibility of publications and get more views and likes, which means that posts will be able to get into recommendations to attract the attention of potential subscribers.

Collaboration with other authors. The path to success is a long and time-consuming process, but you can simplify it if you do it together. Many novice bloggers are looking for support from colleagues, and most manage to find it. Do not wait for a newcomer to write to you and offer to create joint content, sometimes they hesitate to offer mutually beneficial cooperation. Don’t take an example from them, have the courage and write to them yourself.

Find a blogger who has the same statistics and publishes posts on similar topics. Do you have a few subscribers and do you want to collaborate with more successful authors? This is not a problem just buy Instagram followers so that a popular blogger does not refuse the offer. In this case, you will significantly grow subscribers, increase activity on your account and become more famous in the thematic community.

Cross-promotion. After your posts have started to collect a lot of likes and comments, and the page looks solid, you can use the possibility of cross-promotion. According to statistics, most Internet users have accounts in at least 3 major networks: Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. And you can use them to attract an audience to the IG page.

To do this, you do not need special knowledge and skills – post several publications and attach a link to the account. Tell your readers that you have decided to become a blog author and ask for support. A loyal audience will show activity and subscribe to the page, especially if you offer a nice bonus.

The magic of following trends. Trends disappear as quickly as they appear. But if your goal is to get as many subscribers as possible and become famous, you need to know which posts and topics are in demand and are at the peak of fame.

Study the accounts of fashion houses to study the stylish design of the page, go to the pages of popular influencers, and analyze which formats and topics have gained the maximum number of likes and comments. This way you will have an understanding of which publications will be able to get large coverage, and which of them are no longer relevant.

Communicate with subscribers. Anyway, social networks are created so that people can communicate with each other more. As a blogger, you need to pay attention to your readers, answer their questions, give valuable advice (if they ask) and ask for an opinion about your work. This will bring you closer to your followers and create an image of a friendly person who is ready to enter into a dialogue despite the number of subscribers. Users began to appreciate sincerity, naturalness, and openness more. We advise you not to put on “masks” and be frank with your viewers, otherwise, they will feel the falsity of your answers and may leave.

Be creative. If you want to identify yourself as a unique person, you have to come up with your own “highlight” that will distinguish you from others. You can show your talents when it comes to creating Reels or IGTV. Create a vivid image, generate unique ideas, and style successful stories to suit your theme. Together, these actions will lead to the fact that users will recognize your style and publications, distinguishing them from millions of others.


That’s it! In this text, we have written the most important steps, following which you will be able to achieve the desired result and become a popular blogger. Do not forget about the quality of publications, post only good photos or videos, write interesting posts and use different formats for submitting information. Go to your goal and act wisely, then everything will work out. Good luck!