How to Find the Name of a Song Without Lyrics?

Midomi is a free, easy-to-use app that can search for songs by humming into the microphone.

I’m sure everyone’s had this problem before. You hear a song on the radio, but you don’t know the song’s artist or name, and it gets stuck in your head throughout the day, especially during your workout. I know how annoying that can be, so we decided to write this article to show you how to find a song by humming it on Android and iPhone devices. Of course, many different apps are available that do various things on our smartphones. But some of them are not suitable for locating songs based on humming!

What is Song humming in a realistic manner?

No one likes it when they can’t remember the name of a song, but what if there was an easier way to find out what song is stuck in your head? You can do that by humming a tune. The method is simple; start singing the song you know off key or humming until your fingers graze against your lips. Then, open up Siri or Google Voice and say, What’s this song? or What song is this?

Step 1: Input The Song Title And Artist In The Search Bar, And Tap On Voice Recognition

The next step is to input the song title and artist in the search bar, and tap on Voice Recognition. Siri will come up with a list of songs you can find, which you’ll be able to listen to if they’re not just audio.  You’ll then have to identify your desired song from this list. Once you do, tap on it, and it will play in your headphones or speakers!

Step 2: After Google/Siri Spits Out Results, Scroll Down And Select The Listen Now Option

After google voice/Siri spit out the results, scroll down to the Listen Now option. If you’re unsure what song is playing in your head, it can be hard to find it by title. To save time, look for titles that sound close enough or just listen for a snippet of the song that triggers your memory. When I hummed the first few notes of New York State Of Mind, Google responded with several choices. 

Using SoundHound 

SoundHound has been around for a while now and is one of the best options to find a song you might not know the title of. You can hum into your phone, tap the microphone icon, or tap-hold the red mic button in the bottom left corner of SoundHound to let it listen. It takes about 10 seconds, but if you’re lucky, it will give you a list of songs that match what you hummed! The best part? When you open up any possible matches, SoundHound will play the song so you can hear which one it thinks is right!

You can use Midomi App

Midomi is a free, easy-to-use app that can search for songs by humming into the microphone. There are other versions of this app, so you may want to try them out. You can download the Midomi App from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store for both IOS and Android devices. If you have an iPhone or an android phone, you can also try google voice search. All you need to do is tap the home button on your phone and say okay, google, then speak your request: find me a song that goes like this, then hum in your favorite tune. Your phone will do its best to find it!