Kevin Gates: Why He Should Sex His Cousin

Kevin Gates should be allowed to sex his cousin. Here’s why!

Kevin Gates: Kissin’ Cousins Revisited.

When rapper Kevin Gates V-blogged us about him banging his cousin, ninjas went bonkers! Reenacting Elvis Presley’s 1964 song, “Kissin’ Cousins”—Gates took it a step further, telling us that the p####### v##### was too good to give up when he found out she was his cousin. LOL. (Dude is hilarious!) I guess he “never gets tired” of banging his cousin!

But hold on! Stop the presses! Many of us have had a cousin that we were sexually attracted to! Don’t lie! I’ve had at least four female cousins that I was attracted to and vice versa! Oh yeah! They could get it and at least one of them did get it! Like many of you who think cousin screwing is nasty and incestuous, I too, thought so—at the time I was doing the dirty-deed, but unlike you parrots, I later found out that I was just brainwashed into believing a lie.

Do you even know why you believe sexing or marrying a first/second cousin is wrong, nasty, or incestuous? Because it’s against God and the Bible? WRONG! Because it’s genetically wrong? WRONG! Because it’s incest? WRONG AGAIN! U.O.E.N.O. (You Don’t Even Know) Face it! You’re ignorant about this subject and have adopted a fallacy/lie. I assume Kevin Gates thinks it’s wrong too, but he just can’t control his hang-low penis. Yo’ Kev! This column should put your mind at ease!

Going way back to the biblical days, marrying cousins took place. The most famous case being Jacob, the father of the Israelite nation who married two of his first cousins, Rachel & Leah (Genesis 29). Unlike the law forbidding homosexuality, there are no laws forbidding marrying cousins in the Bible. In fact, it was “S.O.P.”–standard operating procedure back then.

Marrying first cousins was no issue until the 19th century when some religious quacks here in America spoke out against the practice. Their beliefs have spilled over until today and got you believing the same, but the reality is that 80% of all marriages in human history have been between 1st & 2nd cousins and 10% of all marriages today are between cousins. Even Charles Darwin aka “Mr. Natural Selection” married his 1st cousin, Emma Wedgwood.

Marrying cousins is as old as man himself! Practiced today in the Middle-East, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, South America, Canada, north & South Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

The National Society of Genetic Counselors did a study (1965-2000) and concluded that there is, “No genetic or biological reason to discourage cousins from marrying” AND stated, “Incest should not be applied to cousins, but only to sexual relations between siblings or parents and children.” Furthermore, the study concluded that there is little to no genetic risk—no more than unrelated sex partners.

Now let me bring it home for all the Kevin Gates-he-so-nasty folk. It is legal to marry your first cousin in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Alaska!

You may judge Kevin Gates for screwing his cousin. You may continue to think that intermarriage between cousins is incestuous. That’s what ignorant and stupid people do—believe their own lies and cast judgment/aspersions and condemn other cultural norms that don’t conform to theirs. Go ‘head on with your pseudo 21st century morality! I understand. But the “Coonerific One” is here to set you straight! Kevin Gates—knock tha boots, beat the breaks off your cousin!  Go on and knock that thang out the park! Do it for me! That is my Word!

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