Lil Jon Accused of Jacking One Of His Biggest Hits


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rap star Lil Jon could be heading into court, over his hit single “Turn Down For What.”

A lawsuit filed last week by Golden Crown Publishing claims Lil Jon swiped the hit song from an artist named Freddie GZ.

The complaint alleges that Freddie GZ posted his version of the song a few months before the 2014 release of “Turn Down for What,” which is a collaboration between the Atlanta rapper/producer and DJ Snake.

“Turn Down For What” was a huge hit and has been used in commercials and blared throughout sporting events around the world.

Golden Crown Publishing has hired copyright lawyer Richard Busch, who helped rep the Marvin Gaye Estate in their battle with Pharrell and Robin Thicke over “Blurred Lines” lawsuit in addition to landing a settlement over Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph.”

Golden Crown Publishing is seeking damages from Lil Jon, DJ Snake, and Sony.