Meek Mill: I Quit Smoking Weed… It Was Making Me Skinny

Meek Mill

Someone suggested the Philly native was smoking something other than cannabis.

Yesterday, Meek Mill took the time to answer questions from his fans. The Twitter Q&A included one user asking the Philadelphia-bred emcee about his marijuana usage.

“I quit smoking, s### was making me skinny and not eat!!!!” tweeted Meek Mill on Sunday. Another Twitter user replied, “You ain’t smoking weed if it’s making you skinny.”

That comment caused Meek to post, “We [were] smoking [4-gram] blunts and backwoods. I never smoked my whole adult life… I’m not a drug guy ima trapper at heart! And I know how to use my brain to get what I want, drugs [are] not really my thing!”

In addition, one of Meek Mill’s followers asked him to rate the albums in his catalog. The Dream Chasers leader brought up his Grammy-nominated 2018 project as well as his most recent studio LP from 2021.

Championships [is] my most important album… I love Expensive Pain. It just got turned down by the label they didn’t invest in it at all,” tweeted Meek. He has been very critical of Atlantic Records in recent weeks.

Meek Mill also told his supporters to be on the lookout for new music on Soundcloud once his contract situation with Atlantic is finalized. The 34-year-old Roc Nation representative later added, “Next month some s### [is] coming.”

When asked to name his idol growing up, Meek Mill mentioned 11-time NBA All-Star Allen Iverson and Hip Hop legend Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Iverson played for Meek’s hometown team, the Philadelphia 76ers, for eleven seasons.