Mr. Marcus: Come To Daddy

If you’ve ever watched an adult film from the late ‘90s or today, you might know who Mr. Marcus is. And if you’ve never seen his work, some might say there are a few things to gain from watching him in action. Known for wearing his baseball cap while performing, Mr. Marcus has been in […]

If you’ve ever watched an adult film from the late ‘90s or today, you might know who Mr. Marcus is. And if you’ve never seen his work, some might say there are a few things to gain from watching him in action. Known for wearing his baseball cap while performing, Mr. Marcus has been in the p### business for 13 years and has starred in over 1,000 films. Yes, 1000 films!In the midst of America’s multibillion-dollar p### industry, Mr. Marcus has made a name for himself and is now ready to take advantage of his fame.  While away from the set, Mr. Marcus recently took some time out to talk about his career path, how he plans to transition from p### star to businessman, and his relationship with Hip-Hop’s most notorious groupie Karrine Alternatives: So what’s been going on with you?Mr. Marcus: I’ve been plotting and planning on how to make this transition from being a p### star to being a businessman.AHHA: What moves have you made to begin your transition?Mr. Marcus:  I have created a clothing line called Daddy. I wondered how people would feel about having Daddy across their chest, and butt and the response has been overwhelming.  Just as I was planning my clothing line, you had Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick coming out with their clothing lines at the same time. All of us were trying to introduce ourselves into the consumer market. Although we already had a nice fan base within our industry, we had to tap into the consumer industry. Like any other clothing line, you need to have a personality. Like Sean John, Diddy came out with the clothes and cologne; I’m trying to create something for everybody. I’m trying to come out of the performance scene, because you can only do this for long and still get respected for it.  Since I have the opportunity to do this, I’m going for it.AHHA: What’s the history behind the name Daddy, and how is it associated with you?Mr. Marcus: I’m 100% Daddy. I’m a father in real life, and I take care of [my children]. In addition to them, I take care of a lot of people from my mother to my sister. I’m a consultant to other people as well. Plus, my father wasn’t around. I’ve embraced the word. Not to mention as Black men, a lot of us grew up with no father. I’ll be the first to admit that having kids isn’t easy. The responsibility is heavy, and a lot of men run from it. Therefore, I wanted to reverse it, embrace it, and enjoy it. AHHA: You said have a lot of Black men asking you for business advice. What are they coming to you and asking you?Mr. Marcus: Mostly, they want to know how to get in the business, but they’re not asking the right questions. They ask really generic questions. Some of them may be business minded, so they watch, and those types of people I pay attention to. I’ve been in the business for 13 years, so obviously I’m not the keeper at the gate. Mainly, I’m attracted to those who can give me advice, and I can give them advice as well.AHHA: What have been some difficult points for you in your career?Mr. Marcus: The whole family thing definitely put a new perspective on it. That definitely put a dent into it. I never understood why people say that they planned to have kids, ‘cause you don’t plan – well at least I haven’t. I didn’t plan sh*t, which is another reason why I’m trying to get into the business aspects. Also learning how to focus on what needs to be done.AHHA: How many films have you starred in?Mr. Marcus: Over a thousand – mind you, I’ve been in the business for 13 years. In the beginning, it was difficult because of the environment so I had to clear myself of that. Then I started chasing money, and once you do that, it’s easy to get to that number.AHHA: How do you get motivated for a scene?Mr. Marcus: It’s not a lot, because at the end of the day, it’s just sex but you also have to do whatever it takes to arouse yourself. Even if you have to create some fantasy, have phone sex, whatever, you have to get in that mind state. That’s it. It doesn’t take much; I do my homework and research the girl so that I am prepared for whatever situation I go into.AHHA: In the films that I’ve seen you in, you always seem to have on a baseball hat? Not saying that I watch p### on a regular or anything. [laughs] Is that a mandate for you?Mr. Marcus: The story behind the hat is that, I used to have hair for a long time. My girl had talked me into shaving my head, because she hated the jheri curl fade I had. I hated wearing a baldhead for a long time, but I started wearing a hat and it started concealing the hatred I had for my head. Of course, when I got to the set, they wanted me to take it off, but I felt like if I had to do that, they were more worried about that then about me doing my job.  AHHA:  How many hats do you own?Mr. Marcus: I only keep about seven or eight now. I used to have a lot of hats, but I got rid of a lot of them. I’m picky about my hats; it takes me 20 or 30 minutes to pick one out, so when I go to buy one, the people in the stores pretty much leave me alone now. But I’ve thought about coming out with my own hat line.AHHA: Is there a specific partner you prefer or would like to have when you’re performing?Mr. Marcus: Since girls come and go in this business, I have my favorite girls that I like. Then there are some girls that I’m not interested in performing with. I work with all types of women in this business but I don’t have a preference. AHHA: Size wise, what are your measurements?Mr. Marcus: You mean how big is my d*ck?AHHA: [laughs] Yes…Mr. Marcus: I’m only 5’8. I don’t have a long d*ck, but I do have a thick one and to my advantage, women like thick d*cks. I’m a stretch ten with a two inch width. You got to work with what you got.AHHA: Tell me about your experience with Karrine Steffans (a.k.a Superhead)?Mr. Marcus: I actually like Karrine, I have nothing against her. She’s a business person, but she’s also a sexual person. I met her through a friend while I was doing the Mr. Marcus’ Neighborhood. She was in a situation where she needed money, and I was in a situation where I needed a girl to be in the video due to the fact that a lot of people weren’t open to the demands of the role. We talked and hit it off.She’s smart, funny, independent, intelligent, and she’s a cool girl. She said she didn’t want to do it, but she really needed the money. She was really open about that when she got to California. She was already experienced sexually, whereas a lot of girls weren’t – performing under the camera was nothing new for her. She got encouraged and came through like a natural performer. She’s cute and all, but that head game was unprecedented and she stood out to me. To be honest, I think that set the trend for what she is now. AHHA: So are you saying she was like nothing you’d ever experienced before?Mr. Marcus: Most of the girls that I’d been with before were already p### stars, and she could have gone that way if she wanted to, but it wasn’t necessary for her. It wasn’t even like a year later I saw her in a music video set, and she was just like, “Don’t tell anybody we did a movie.” Then I started seeing her popping up everywhere in the magazines, and people were saying how she was a groupie.She said she knew a lot of people but, she never said that she was f*cking them. Then when stuff started coming out, I was just like, “Ohhhh okay!” I don’t think she’s into the sex. She’ll give a b####### and never have sex with you. AHHA: How do you maintain a serious relationship with someone being in this business that you’re in?  Mr. Marcus: Well in this business, you have to be strong, and whomever you’re with has to be strong – not just in this business, but in the world. At the end of the day, it’s still a job. Some people work in the strip clubs, some are police officers, etc. It’s a job and your significant other must understand that. As far as my girl is concerned, I’m challenged by my life, and she’s challenged by being with me.AHHA: In the industry, is it as lucrative for actors as it is for directors? Mr. Marcus: I make a lot of money, but at the same time, I spend a lot of money. For a performer, money comes and goes, because you’re not a general consumer that’s picky. They don’t really pay us what we’re worth, because you’re giving a lot more than what you’re gaining; which is probably why people belittle p###. AHHA: How did the HIV outbreak in the p### industry in 2004 affect you?Mr. Marcus: That was definitely one of the things that definitely f*cked me up in this business. It happened before in 1996, and that was when people weren’t really speaking about it. There was one white guy that forged his test, which messed with everybody because it betrayed their trust. Now, we have a system that notifies us that there has been an HIV positive test, therefore it shuts down the business and re-test everyone. This system works, because when we had the recent case three years ago with Derek James, it helped us out a lot; although it put the business in a negative light. But, I’m more conscious about whom I have sex with when I’m working; I want to see the test. I want to see your STD test too since we do that now. AHHA: How has your family supported you throughout your career?Mr. Marcus: I’ve had a lot of support from my family. They create a positive space for me, and it’s been helpful. Who doesn’t like support? I have my mother and my sister, my kids.AHHA: You think you’ll eventually get past the stigma of just being a p### star once you’re done with the business?Mr. Marcus: I’m still a man that still likes women and I like everything about a woman, but I don’t think that it will go away because of my actions…no. I don’t mind being Mr. Marcus or Mr. Marcus the p### star.AHHA: Do you plan to retire once your business ventures take off, and you feel like you have nothing else to gain from being in the adult business anymore?Mr. Marcus: Yeah. I really want my business to get up there with Playboy and Hustler, who wouldn’t? AHHA: In addition to building up your company, what else do you want to do?Mr. Marcus: I haven’t thought about nothing else, because Daddy takes up the majority of my time. After I go on the set, I’m ready to go back to the office. I want to see Daddy, Inc. become something much bigger than what it is. I want to write a book. I just want people to know I’m hood and still good.