New Shocking Rap Video Depicts Tupac’s Murderer’s Confession To Police


The murder of Tupac Shakur remains unsolved, but a new, startling rap video has the killer confessing to police in a fictionalized narrative. Cambatta has crafted a masterful, but deeply disturbing song called “Tupac Murder Confession,” where the rapper rhymes as if he were Tupac’s murderer. Wildly descriptive, with factual data, Cambatta explores the mind of the assassin in a creative way that has never been done before.

However, the visuals are certain to raise to raise the ire of fans and mourners that are just experiencing the 20th anniversary of ‘Pac’s death, a moment in history that forever changed music. In fact, AllHipHop recently explored the matter in a hard-hitting news feature (Read “Who Killed Tupac”) which peered into all of the complexities surrounding the matter. Lyrically, Cambatta goes in on “Tupac Murder Confession,” even though it will enrage some. In the past, Cam has proclaimed, “I belong to a specialized class of enlightened individuals who seek and spread knowledge.”

“Tupac Murder Confession” is creative in a world of lack luster content and the “killer” even expresses regret, remorse and contextualizes conspiracy – to a degree. “I might have conjured too much power for this thin chest / safe to say, these past 20 years, I been stressed / Tupac Amaru was an Incan king that was beheaded ‘cause he fought to keep his people free/ probably by a n***a that’s as weak as me / I killed the cub of a Panther mother that speaks to me,” he raps. However, does it cross the line into disrespect for an icon that met a tragic ending? Or does it take creative license over the top into legendary status? Watch the video and comment below. Pay close attention. As abrasive and bothersome this is,there are layers and subtleties that may escape after one listen.