Not Only Cardi B: Top Women in Hip-Hop!

Here, readers can familiarize themselves with the most popular women succeeding in hip-hop style.

The hip-hop industry is rapidly developing, and more and more talented singers appear every year. People used to see men in this genre, but it’s worth noting that ladies are not far behind. Here, readers can familiarize themselves with the most popular women succeeding in hip-hop style. And their tracks are really worth attention.

Stunning Megan Thee Stallion

She adored music since early childhood and began writing songs and releasing tracks at 16 years of age. It has become extremely famous immediately, and the girl got her first fans. Nowadays, people can listen to her music everywhere, starting from huge platforms to soundtracks to online casino games.

Her track “Savage” has become increasingly common during quarantine in 2020 when millions of people made videos on TikTok with it. Last year, Meghan released a track with Cardie B, which also significantly influenced her career and made more hip-hop fans see her talent.

Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, Princess Nokia

Destiny is a performer from New York, known for her unique style and attractive appearance. She wrote her first song in 2010, and its popularity came several years later. After that, a label invited her to work in London, but it’s considered that she didn’t like it. She returned to New York, where she eventually became famous as Princess Nokia. Her debut album was released in 2017, and after that, she also had two singles.

Vanessa Mahi, Known as Ivorian Doll

People first heard about the queen of drill in 2019 after her single. Vanessa Mahi is a British hip-hop singer, which always adored music. In 2020, she released her “Rumours” track, which the fans really appreciated. Unfortunately, Vanessa still doesn’t have any loud feats with other hip-hop singers, but listeners hope that it will change soon. Those who are searching for something new should not miss the possibility to learn more about this lady since she is really worth attention.

Bright and Attractive Flo Milli

Tamia Carter is the youngest performer on this list since she’s only 21 and has already succeeded in the hip-hop industry. She wrote her first song at the age of 9, and several years ago she began learning music professionally. Nikki Minaj inspired her and was the one who made Tamia begin her career. Flo Milli’s first single was released in 2017, and in 2021, she made a whole album, which eventually made her popular.

Tommy Genesis, The Queen of Sexy Hip-Hop

Tommy is a famous Canadian model and hip-hop performer. She has an impressive style and great voice, which made people know her as the queen of underground hip-hop. Her music is sexual and aggressive, which is the main distinctive feature helping her stand out from the crowd. In 2015, she signed a contract with a studio and released her first album. Three years later, she made her next album, which brought her fame and recognition among fans.

Bree Runway with Her Amazing Tracks

Bree is a British singer who has already managed to make a fuss among hip-hop fans. In 2016, she released two mini-albums, which helped fans know about her and become excited about a rising star. In 2019, her track Butterfly appeared, and it was later included in the list of the hottest songs of the year. 2020 became the most successful in her career since she released 6 singles.

Wonderful Bia