OG Tray Dee Calls Young Thug A F*g Rapper

Tray Dee Used The F-Word!

tray dee
First it was The Game, a Blood gang member, and now its Tray Dee, a Crip. Both OG’s have called out Young Thug, with the latter labeling him a “f*g rapper.”

“What’ the politically correct term? Transgender? He ain’t got his s### changed, yet?” Tray Dee said. “I don’t know what the dude is. I never listened to his music or nothing. I just heard him say Baby (from Cash Money) was his girl or something. I don’t even know the dude, but f**k it. That’s too weird for the kid.”

Tray Dee said he was not sure how Young Thug could be considered a true Blood gang member.

“Its a circus now. I don’t take half that sh*t serious now,” he said.

Tray Dee even went so far as to tell Baby of Cash Money Records that his young affiliate “ that’s not a good look.”

“I ain’t homophobic or nothing, but that sh*t aint gangsta,” Tray Dee said.

Here is the full video: