Rhymefest Talks Artistic Depression And Getting Unstuck


I woke up drowning in my thoughts, gasping for the air of a fresh experience.

I believe most artists go through a quarterly process of questioning every decision we’ve made, every piece of work we’ve released, all the relationships we’ve built and burned. Where has it gotten us? How if at all, has our work moved the audience we’re trying to affect?

We ponder how to charter unknown futures using our visual art, fashion design, music and voices. We incubate, we isolate, and become depressed but in actuality, we’re growing inside a creative cocoon.

My cocoon wasn’t hatching, I was trapped in my thoughts for too long. Punishing my self for a past that no longer existed.

This piece we give today doesn’t represent how I view life presently, rather these are thoughts from the cocoon.

My hope, is that we all go through moments of indecisiveness, consideration, and ultimately understanding.

Rhymefest | “Believe” | Directed by Konee Rok from Konee Rok on Vimeo.

Click here to hear “Believe” on Soundcloud.