Striking Similarities: Rappers Vs. Bush

Hypocrisy is funny if not ironic.  When confronted with it, hypocrisy is a paradox that can cause a mature person to reevaluate themselves and their belief systems.  However in an emotionally stunted person, it can invoke disgust and anger when two seemingly contrasted viewpoints are brought beyond the surface.  For example, when we have third […]

Hypocrisy is funny if not ironic.  When confronted with it, hypocrisy is a paradox that can cause a mature person to reevaluate themselves and their belief systems.  However in an emotionally stunted person, it can invoke disgust and anger when two seemingly contrasted viewpoints are brought beyond the surface.  For example, when we have third and fourth generation ‘Americans’ whose ancestors migrated from other countries who now want to put up fences along the border of Mexico to protect ‘their land’… that’s hypocrisy.  Christian intolerance – hypocrisy.  The danger of it is this:  when not taken seriously and magnified by bias, it can create division within an individual and amongst the culture of a people.  And in the case of the Hip Hop community, we are no different. Allow the following short survey to get directly to the issue at hand: Do you think that members of the Bush administration should resign or be impeached? Do you think that rappers should be able to say what they feel without being held accountable for their lyrical content? Keeping the answers to these questions in mind; how would your answers measure up if BUSH were the rapper in question?  If Bush had the same core values that you believe in and represented your lifestyle, how would that affect your responses?  If you’re thinking that’s not a likely scenario, be careful how you view the two – they could have more in common than you think…   “The Jests of Both Worlds” We know Bush is a careless bastard –Joe Public can see this.But Bush as an arrogant rapperis a closer cousin than we’d believe or admit.Though he’s no Joe Budden –his emcee shtick is dead on.Check Bush’s swagger –false bravado makes him seem like a p####.He’s a consummate bushwhacker –look how he clings to his Dick…Seeking supreme kingship –he doesn’t even know he’s a red pawn. Am I dead wrong – don’t rappers do the same?!!Do I have ‘em pegged wrong –isn’t that what they’re after to claim?!!To be kings in a pre-factored game –isn’t that the mission invariably?Slight me not, but he’s got mindless fansand promotion at his beck and call.This is why he’s hot – his likeness spansemotion’s spectrum with gall…How else could he show his rectumto y’all with minimal heresy deemed?!! With such an imbecile carelessly policed,This is just the beginning ofsimiles and errant speech.There’s endless parity between leadersof the free world and the new school.So to lambaste this jack@ssIs a grand task that doesn’t have to be asked…And I’m just the man with the craft –with meters of words seen and heard to fuel a coup: Bush as a rap artistHas much that he’s actually accomplished.He’s immodest and constantly admonishedfor a stature that lacks content.Although low in the polls, he’s not a bad target –He’d be worth his weight in gold in black marketsFor how he distracts an audiencewith banter and conflict.As a result, when he launches into missals extraneous,Whole regimes end up with missiles aimed at us!Those threats aren’t miscellaneous –they’re drawn to his pompous words.That’s why he favors low gun control for street warfare –Loaded guns patrol the beefs and wars he flares…Turning public enemies into sordid affairsthat draw us away from his intolerant blurbs. Isn’t that what we see in rappers –I mean, who else uses beef to distract us?!!By any means, they’ll dispatch tactics to divert the focus.‘Cause if we paid attention to the poor skillsUsed to maneuver through their ordeals…We’d shatter the force field they wield and assert their onus. Akin to rappers crowded by an anonymous clique,Bush blends within shrouds of incompetent stiffs.It corrals his confidence –other illegitimate proxies level him off.Turning favor and position into rubber stamped approvals,This wayward tradition is an utter disaster of scruples…To muster a stand is futile –as ‘submission accomplished’ is a credible scoff. Without question – some rappers can’t be completeWithout a camp of ‘yes men’ backing their padded feats.Such status seeds an apparatusof majesty ceded to the head rank.From lackeys and backseat orchestrators,To batteries of faculty who use force as an enabler…As tacky endorsers cater their allegiance to the head of state. Case in point – with his gift for gaffes unwrapped,He safely appoints the gift of gab he rapsTo a gifted staff of unmatched ghost writers.At command of this chain at ease is Karl Rove –He and Cheney create marvels…Too bad Bush’s brain freezes ashe garbles the talents of his golden scribers!  From this trove of advisers,he’s even been budgeted token iceDesigned to command chain reactionsfor a republic of broken vice.To deflect from his ill-spoken device –they’re his Medals of Freedom.Given out to an entourage to garner support,His roster’s a menage a trois of sorts…As they all correspond in miragesto form mettlesome malfeasance. Speaking of jewelry, with respect to rapperssuspected of gettin’ chains snatched and robbed –Who’d seen the press after what happenedto the president in Albania’s backyard?!!In a second, the watch that was claspedto his arm seamlessly vanished.And like a rapper’s boys and body guards,His political backers voiced a prompt responseSo folks couldn’t exploit the bodily harmof access that was too easily granted. Check his urgent will in uncertain spiels –it’s tough not to throw rocks at the throne.Further still, his words are ill –to get his point across, he makes ‘em upoff the top of the dome!His apocalypse tone is botched bythe flow of awkward freestyles.By advancing his mind’s schemeswith subliminal messages,They’re like stanzas and rhyme schemesbelittled by decadence…Yet despite the crime scene’s critical evidence,he’s always offered retrials. So thanks to the love and power of money,G dub’s an unaccountable dummy.He’s g’d up – unallowable stunts mean nothing to him.Having taken control of Fox Newswith CNN in the back of Grand Ol’ Pockets,The payola he plots through spins propaganda for profit…As his topics get planted and sponsoredby each company’s whims.  With illegal startup moneylaundered from seedy lobbyists,Bush’s people spark up somethingin common with street pharmacists.This breach in conscience hasdeep consequence in promotional campaigns.That’s why both cliques runin networks as thick as thieves.A close knit fits best when spunwith a net worth as liquid as Hennessy…Yet it’s these business seams that havetendencies to implode from scammed gains. So to make ends meet that justify the means,The next trend they seek would have us trust their piety.God’s placed just high enough foreyes to see in thinly veiled reference.Like God really supports a ‘Get Rich or Die Fightin’ ’ motto.It’s an unfortunate glance whenBush is the Christian that eyes follow…Like ice that’s hallowed, his guise is hollow –full of empty and frail rhetoric. And though they don’t like to snitch on their own,I’ve spied dry snitchin’ pitched to spare their goals.Despair in the soul can declare foeswhen friendly fire’s recorded in voyeurism.To keep the food of many in tact so the throng thrives,Cats like Scooter Libby become the fall guys…Only with rap, takin’ raps is the duty of dudes withenough Benjis to make the law abide to their lawyers’ wisdom.  But as these diplomatic eagles settleInto trysts of idiomatic and feeble revel,The GOP’s co’d is more credible –she’s ready to talk when they need her.At the disposal of this renowned despot,she awaits in shadowy wings –As his ignoble counterpart,she’s the battle queen of his regime… She manhandles enemy’s with tactful ease –his Latifah is Condoleezza.  But like so many females equal in lyrical talent,she now sits defeated for what she once stood for.Slighted by the male ego’s imperial talons,she’s simply ceded to the forces that push forth.With a bushed reform, her integrity’sbeen compromised for the lesser good.Her charge:  to propagate and spread her pledge to evil.H.E.R. facade: to copulate with legs spread eagle…Though both could dominate,their nods stay blank like bred beaglesthat accept where they’re put. So with Tony Snow rounding it out as his hype man,As cronies go, all around, Bush has a tight camp!Ready to lie with right hands,everyone manages damage control.Whether it’s groupie females that need sexual censorsOr group e-mails beamed to congressional interns…It’s all professionally interred –in turn, tantric antics are condoned. This brings up another striking similarity –One that’s slightly more incendiary.Both sides provide indignant dignitariesagainst homosexual straits.Yet in privacy, they’re living daringly –Fulfilling vices that teem with disparities…Taking dives into team tributaries justto showboat to an electoral base. And while rap’s got OGs with badges of honorConjured from feignin’ command in the streets,GOP’s got draft dodgers at the reins of Commander in Chief.Doesn’t their plan seem tweaked fromsecondhand war stories they overheard?!!When people get arranged in soft and convenient posts,They corrupt what’s meaningful andestrange calm reason from goals…That’s fraud and treason to most –and who should respect a man if forgery’s his only word?!!  In terms of contradictions providing beats and backtracksTo the constant revisions of lies released and patented facts,Likewise, Bush gets unraveled on waxwith sound bites and notes he can’t retract.What type of idiot savant isso slipshod with publicized quotesThat he flip flops big talk in the public eye’s scope?!!…Just like Hip Hop, slipknots get tucked tight at the throat –wound from mic ropes with vast feedback. So from renegin’ on recorded evidenceTo using religion as a dormant testament,The jests of both worlds form a settlementof rap herds and pachyderms.Formed from wack words, warped passions and rationalisms,The pact observed forms an unnatural schismThat impacts nationalism with chasms risenfrom drafted words they haven’t learned. So while we’ve got dope quotes fromhardened artists causin’ creative rewind loops,They’ve got a dope on a ropedischargin’ retarded jargon that makes us rewind, too!‘Did you hear what he said?!!’ is how we reply to the two –consigned to double takes.Despite the likenesses, while the president’s staffis called to resign or be impeached,A rapper’s negligence is resolvedand rationalized as freedom of speech…That’s a devolved and classic sign of leniency  –one where subtle standards double the stakes. © 2007 Reggie LegendSteel Waters,